Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jeff /July racing@training

I was out two days this week due to my daughter’s softball tournament games as I started back after two straight rest days. I rode Tuesday and missed wend- thru, back on the bike Friday I had another visit from the high HR, my hr jumped to 224 during warm up. well DR says I'm fine so on with the program as I was putting in some good efforts my legs were feeling good but my brain was telling me it was hurting. I ended cutting the intensity off early and going Low E. When I down loaded the work out, I was surprised at the increase in power #. So at lease I can start today’s ride off on a good note. By the way It looks like I can make the Sunday ride and I can't wait sounds like fun, fun, fun!!


  1. After Sundays hammer feast, I stayed low E for 1 3/4 hr on Tue. Today long day at work but I was able to easy spin a 3/4 hr recovery ride. I’m on for Sundays race I sing up for 35t 4/5 and I also entered cat 4 so I have 1 1/2 hr's of racing to do Sunday. Should be fun!