Friday, July 17, 2009

Important Subject Team

It's that time of year and we are going to be actively seeking sponsors for the 2010 racing year. Of course I'm assuming that you are already keeping some sort of individual resume, but we need to get our formal resume completed in the next few weeks. Below will be the guidelines for the resume, which can just be typed on a Word doc. If you need help, call me. If you did not finish a race, put "DNF". If you are not sure of a finish, put "pack finish". You do not need to include number of riders in the race for our purposes.

Full Name
USCF license number
Categories racing(such as cat3 and 30+)
Occupation(such as 4th grade teacher)
Bike related activities(such as charity ride etc)
Team position(if one is held-we can always give you one!!!)

Race date-Race "official" Name-Category raced- result

11 April-Casey Auto Criterium-Cat1,2,3-18th place

Please put them in chronological order and make sure you have the name of the race(look at vacycling website for results and names if needed). Results are only looked at for tabulation team-wide. E-mail those to me when you get the chance. We have a lot to be proud of both on and off the bike.


  1. Bill, I believe we need to put some effort into a team picture, so we can have an appreciation award for our present sponsors. What do you guys think?

  2. Where will you place the guy in the dreamcycle kit? I've also heard us refered to as the flying pumpkins.

  3. Bill - Do you want just 2009 or 2008-2009?

  4. Ken is the first one to send in his resume! He wins the coveted "stinky-sock" award. Yes, this sock has been worn by all of the Cat3 riders of the team without being washed. It is crispy, fragrant, and a sought-after award. Congrats Ken! By the way, the prizes only get "better" the longer it takes to get the info in.