Monday, July 6, 2009

July for Jinks

Sunday's ride felt like a true one day classic!! The lite rain just added to the euro feel of the day . It's was great to have BikeWorks out in all its numbers.(Impressive to see the blue train rolling down RT2). Having the race/ride seem to succeed in a few ways. The evidences of everyone fitness was apparent. Each time we would go at it in the race situation ,I could hear the thoughts come out of every ones head on who to chase, if I do that where will that leave me, who can we trick into pulling us up !! The doing of racing can never be replaced by a verbal plan !! The few times I made it into a break it was great to look at all who were present to see there faces and know "Time to let the dogs run "

In the Pedals, Jinks

1 comment:

  1. Jinks, you looked good out there!

    On another note, when you apply for an upgrade, how long does it take?