Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Sunday Ride

Not racing Sunday. Will be riding Sunday from the shop. Depart at 9:oo am. easy pace ,2hr range Who's coming ?

The Jinks

Monday, October 26, 2009


BikeWorks was at, what turned out to be, the largest attended cross race so far this year. With all the categories, the racers were numbering near the 1000 rider mark. This made for a very festive atmosphere - the beer was flowing and the fritters were flying. Located on the grounds of the Veteran's home in D.C. it was a beautiful venue and a reasonable commute (except for a red light violation that cost me $75).

I again was first up for BikeWorks in the 3/4 masters 35+/45+. Pre reg had 115 riders signed up (100 started) which as you can image had us all getting to know each other for the first half lap!! My start position was more to the back and this had me and at least half the field putting a foot down through the first few corners as the race bottle necked!! Once I got some day light it was full speed ahead. Moved up nicely till I seemed to settle into my place with a few other riders. Was hoping I'd made it up further than I actually did, but felt good going and was only having problems trekking one section of the course.

Jack was up next in what should be a much more challenging (from what he had previously raced) 90 rider 3/4 race!! Jack was stuck in what looked to be 2/3 of the way back on the starting grid. Once more, the task would be the ride to the front of the pack, this time though he had the 3's of Marbra to contend with. In the span of a lap and 1/2 Jack had made impressive progress to about 20th position and still storming. Then Jack would acquire some true race experience "mechanical." I could see Jack off in the distance with his bike inverted with someone he never met resetting his rear wheel. By the time I was able to ride over Jack was under way again and I questioned his new friend on what was up. And I quote, "the dude's rear wheel was all fucked up!" I had hoped Jack had weathered and would have an event free rest of the race. Saw him again next lap , looked to be racing strong still. Lap after that, Jack missing again! Turned out his rear wheel was unrideable. He did make it to the pits and popped my 10speed on his 8speed and finished the race able to shift between 2 gears.

In the end -
Jinks 3/4 masters, 35+/45+, 51st place
Jack 3/4, 53rd place

In the pedals, Jinks

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Team Picture book

I sent out an email to everyone with 1 response and no pictures. Maybe I did not explain very well about what I am doing. There is a web site called shutterfly which you can take your pictures and turn them in to books of all different sizes. My wife put one together for our family and after seeing the quality I thought it would be a good idea to put one together about the Teams racing year.

So if you can spare a few minutes to send a couple pic I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks guys

Monday, October 12, 2009

Richmond Festival Cross - day 2

Sunday had BikeWorks add to its lineup and show up with 3 teammates ready to cross. I would be first off in the 45+ field. This was run on the course a minute behind the 35+. I was able to get a hole shot and lead the group into turn one. By the end of lap one a group of 6 or 7 of us had formed at the front, it was obvious that this was going to be a fast race. I was happy to have the company but was soon finding it hard to keep the pace. I believe a group of 5 rode away some thirty seconds ahead. As the race went on, I began to pick up riders from the 35. Was able to trade pulls and race with splintering riders but never able to get contact back with the front group that I could see in front of me. All in all I felt good and strong throughout the race and was able to keep the “bonk” plugged in!

Next up was our boy Jack in the Cat 4 C race. This would be the first of 2 teammates that I would be able to express my verbal commitment to their racing effort – GO JACK!!!! Jack was back for his second cross race ever. Judging by how the first one went (challenging for the win); I wanted to make sure he was getting everything right. Was hoping they would give the top finishers from the day before some type of call up and a place at the front row of the start. Not to happen today, Jack’s start would be not the last row but the one in front of that. I expressed to Jack the importance of being in the front once the race got underway, realizing he had himself a task at hand getting there from about 30 riders back!! Riders are off, within the first lap Jack had rode himself into the lead group of ten and was ready for a day at the front. It appears that Jack and cross are destined for each other.

For the final race of the day, A(1,2)/B(3) would take the course a minute apart. Our boy Bill was back for another A race affair. Once again there was no real order at the start as far as staging. Bill and others had gotten there early and were placed on the front row only to see it turn into the third row as the named riders formed two rows in front of them (1st to 12th place and the race hadn’t even started). Riders were off and what was sure to be a fast race seemed to be going a little faster. After a few laps it seemed that Bill had settled into about 20th place or so. And as the speed continued and A met B the pedaling bonk began to appear!! With a nice little fan base of family and teammates cheering, Bill seemed to be clawing his way back up. This became more evident at the 45 minute mark when the B riders finished their race and only A’s were left (A’s go 60 minutes). With a clear count of just A riders, Bill had made it back to a group of 5 that would contest for 14th place. This was the gutsiest ride of the day for BikeWorks.

Jack Sparks – C race, 4th place
Mike Jinks – 45+ race, 7th place
Bill Evans – A race, 15th place

In the pedals, Jinks

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Richmond Festival of Cross(day 1)

Two of the BikeWorks Boys made it down for day one. This weekend consists of three total races for every category. Day one is a normal whopper of a cross race, followed by a cross time trial. Jack earned an article before his nickname(THE Twister). As you read from his post, his race was absolutely spectacular in every way. His impression of the 30 stairs to climb was off by half(in the higher direction) and he used those to help solidify his forward moving race persona. He actually was sprinting for the win in his first cross race in a very solid cat4 field.

My race was much less spectacular, as I was racing in a Pro 1,2 only field. The largest 1,2,3 race in VA had about 12-15 riders at the high side. This race had about 30 and I only heard of 6 names in the bunch. Guys were here from ALL over. Speaking of all over, my race had me 24th out of the prolog. Yes, this is my strong suit and I had terrible start positions both days. It was so fast, so windy, and so hilly that I dropped down into high LT by the third of 14 laps. I ended up fairly anonymous in 18th place. Everything hurt and I was cramping the last three times up the steps. Upon finishing, I did everything possible to recover for 30 min before my TT start. I had what I thought was an amazing ride in the maximal effort zone. I overcooked one easy turn and crashed, but was up pretty quick and I kept the effort going. I finished in 6:50. That was a long Vo2Max effort. By the end of the day, I was ranked 5th overall in the omnium.

I was completely wasted, but so excited for Jack's new-found success that I got through my wife's birthday dinner without a single cramp. That came much later. I believe that the median age of these cross superstars is about 21 years old. For the first time I had to write that my racing age is 40. Not a big deal, seeing that I got passed by the National 55+ champ Wittwer! Now for Sunday.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jacks Training Oct

Sat Oct 10th - Today was my cross racing debut. After training with Bill and Jinks in Old Mill Park numerous times, I tired their method today in Richmond and found it to be true. The course itself was quite intense, with numerous cobbled sections, three or four shady corners, and a 27 stair runup. I had a malfunction with my handlebars two or three minutes into my warmup, so after Bill fixed me up I tried to get a full warmup lap in. I was three fourths of a lap into the warmup when he starts yelling that "They're about to start - you better get up there!" I was in the valley at the time, so I scaled a few hills ands did the steps, arriving breathlessly at the start just in time for roll call. Then, we were off. During the first lap I tried to make up for being in the back of the pack for the start. After the step climb and the field section I was making good progress, and mid way through the second lap I caught a group of six that were off the front. I was probably the most well informed racer out there - at every turn and during every section Bill was the "puppet master". At times when I was in the valley (on the cobbles before the steps) his voice seemed to boom out like an angry Gods - "Jack speed up!" "Jack pass him he's going too slow" . . . . etc etc. Couldn't ask for someone better to guide me through my first cross race.
The group of six started to thin, and I sped up before hitting the barriers . . . . the only one who responded was a yellow jerseyed VCU rider. Noticing that he still had some juice, I planned to let him lead the way until the steps, where I would run past him and claim victory. It almost worked, but he was too motivated for me. Result, second place.
Tomorrow I'll my best again, and I'll be bringing out a small keg for any other BWR guys who want to come . . . . hope to see you there!

Tuesday Oct 13th - I felt so beat up after the two days of racing - especially in my lower legs and achilles. I thought at first that it was simply muscle fatigue, but it seemed to be more from the pounding jumping on and off the bike during the barrier and stair sections. Some long soaks nad arnica oil seem to have helped . . . . hopefully the body will adapt and recover more quickly next time.

Oct 14th - Rode in the rain with Jinks in the park until dark. I caught him by accident as he was leaving work - he was pulling off as I was coming into town, so I was waving like a madman trying to get his attention. He didn't notice, so I called his cell, and he came back and we drove to the park, where we rode til dark. Looks like Friday we'll be doing a nighttime cross practice - Bill are you in?

Oct 16th - Crossed with Jinks in Stafford, but felt a little brain dead at times. We had a good convo though, so all in all it was a good time. Hope that it stops raining so that we can get an E ride in Sunday . . . .

Oct 17th - met with Jinks and had a good but bone chilling ride up to Stafford together. Jinks said it was a pretty epic ride . . . . it was but a better description in my mind was numbing. Not that the suffering was overwhelming, but with the body not fully adjusted to the weather, and with the terrain Jinks led us through - long dirt roads and plenty of stretches with strong headwinds . . . . after a while I kinds of zoned out. Towards the end of the ride I'm sure we were both dreaming of warm clothes and all . . . . it was a good way to spend a Sat.

Oct 18th - Rode for a little bit today, but felt really depleted. the good news was that it didn't rain though . . . . . . !

Oct 19th - After a spin drank down a quick protein shake and then a beer . . . . :{
I'd better not light a match or the whole place will go up!

Oct 21st - Cross practice with Jinks in preparation for this weekend. I felt pretty good but my handlebars are still coming loose. Spent most of the practice observing Jinks' technique and what lines he choose . . . . I had a really interesting moment when I tried to do a super smooth remount and came down on my jewels . . .

Oct 28th - RIP Bianchi Cross bike . . . . After work I was slated to meet Jinks for some cross at Old Mill. Knowing this yesterday I left all of my cross stuff in my moms car, so that while she was at work I could go and switch from road wheels to cross ones. I was in a hurry after I made the switch, but I wasn't the only one. A driver cut me off in front of the ER, and in order to not hit the back of his car, I jumped a curb, which led to a short downhill and then another taller curb. I guess my curb jumping skills are pretty mediocre, because I hit the second one and was airborne. I had a moment of "Uh oh, here comes the pavement", and then bam! my shoulder hits followed by my head. I picked myself up quickly to see if anything was broken, but it all seemed ok, so I grabbed the bike and walked it back to the car, so that I could change wheels (the front was flat), and go meet Jinks and maybe do a road ride or something. Upon closer inspection the bike was toast though - the top tube was seperated and the downtube was kinked badly. I eventually made it down to Old Mill where Jeff and Jinks confirmed that it was toast . . . . . as I type this I'm pretty pissed - mostly at myself. That bike was pretty cool, and I even had the hat to match.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jordan's Training

October 26- November 1

The week got off to a strong start as we gathered Monday after work for the final group ride of the season. I stoked on the back of my buddy's tandem road bike and we basically put the hurt on everyone, with only one rider left hanging on at the final sprint. It was my first time on a tandem and an interesting experience.

Tuesday was the usual VO2 and sprint work at spin class. Wednesday the new chain finally came in for the 10-speed and I was able to try out the 404s on a 2-hour ride. Rode at 100% the first hour, with a NP of 310 watts, then rode at 90% on the return tailwind trip. The wheels were great - stiff in accelerations, smooth riding, and they corner so much more smoothly than the old Ksyriums.

Thursday saw 45 min of tempo on the trainer, Friday was 80 minutes of sweet spot tempo, and Saturday was a good 2 hours of endurance and low tempo riding (fortunately no rain!). Today I awoke with a bit of scratch in the throat, so it's rest and recovery, fluids and vitamin C drops in the hopes of fighting off whatever virus is trying to get in.

October 19-25

Another solid week of riding. Keeping the volume moderate, 7-10 hours and about 100-180 miles per week. With weekday evening daylight coming to an end shortly, I'm sure the volume will have to decrease just a bit with the intensity staying in the tempo zone - to get the most bang for the buck.

The weekly group ride remains the highlight of each week's riding, with a good group of 4-5 of us hammering at 24+ mph for 50-75 minutes every Wednesday. This weekend was a bit busy with filming, which consisted of sitting around watching it rain for 6 hours on Saturday and then doing 45-second all-out hill intervals all day Sunday. So those were good training, at least.

One more week of after-work rides outdoors, and then it's trainer time during the week! Yippee!

October 12-18

Last week saw a bit less volume due to traveling down to NC over the weekend, but I did get in a couple of really fine tempo rides as well as a stellar 23 mile race-effort TT on Saturday down near Wilmington. That area of NC replicates the typical VA TT conditions perfectly - flat, windy, and similar road surfaces.

Weight loss continues to progress, although at slower rate than the first couple of weeks. That's good, because too fast and I tend to lose power. So far I am still putting out the same power as before, but with less translational mass.

To further motivate me, I usually invest in something new for the bike each off season, when there's a lot of good, lightly used stuff that folks are unloading because they either never really used it or they've got to have new stuff every year. So I am excitedly awaiting a used set of 404's that I hope to use next season in the crits, road races, and hill climbs. I've got a different plan for the 2010 season than last year (read - NOT the 40-49 BAR) which will hopefully involve more mass start racing, so a faster set of wheels is a must.

October 5-11

Ah, the joys of autumn! Starting the weight loss phase which of course is always a lesson in will power and hunger pains. Once you're there, it's fine, but it's the getting there that is not so much fun. Down to 168.5, aiming for 160 by Wintergreen.

Getting in some good solo rides, anywhere from 1-3 hours usually, and then a great group ride once per week. Weekends are for the longer endurance expeditions. Did 97 miles a couple of weeks ago with a buddy. Fun times.

Well it's Atlantic City for me and the wife this weekend, celebrating 10 years of marital bliss. My goal is to come home and NOT find out that I've gained back all the weight I've lost thus far. I think if I have access to a fitness center at the hotel, I can do that. We'll see.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Episode III Jeff returns. Had a great ride in the mountains on Sunday. We were hitting the lower slopes quite hard and I wished I had more Lamas bread, but MT. Doom awaited. The all-seeing eye was fixed on Frodo(Jack) and his quest to throw the "big ring" back into the fire from whence it came. I was so hungry that a raw fish that Spiegal was eating looked a feast. We rode like we were being chased by orks anyway. These Hobbit-forming cranks just have to go. I think I have a fever. Back to the Shire for me.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The weather has not cooperated for me to get out on the bike as my goal, but I am now back in the training center with the fan blowing. Spent 45 minutes on the trainer and managed some core work together with some exercises dictated by the therapist. I am still somewhat in limbo as to a focus for this early work. I am limited in the amount of strength work as I heal, but I also need to re-build the cardio. Looking forward to dry weather and a chance to go outside.

After a slow start and warm up the workout today went well. At first I thought I was not going to be able to function because of how stiff my knee felt, but with a little coaxing it came around and the two hour workout was on. We added a new game which consists of standing on one leg on a balance cushion, throwing a five pound medicine ball into a trampoline, catching it on the rebound and repeating. This functional style workout is much more engaging than standard exercises such as leg presses and it works the core!

Tired, sore and swollen today. Easy spin this afternoon to try and flush out the toxins.

Rehab keeps getting harder. Try doing squats while standing on a half sphere and lunges with an eight pound medicine ball that you have to swing over your head and side lunges/squats swinging the same damn ball. All of this before the weight lifting. Follow that up with some funny little isometric exercises involving elastic bands and balancing cushions that seem easy but make muscles you never knew you had ache oh so nicely. [Disclosure, on some of these exercises the goal is to do a set number and you can start and stop, my goal is to do the number consecutively without stopping.] Despite all of this I am losing muscle at an alarming rate. It should be an interesting winter and spring.

Feel the Breeze! Yep I managed an entire 30 minutes on my bike pedaling around the Burg. Average power was a whopping 92 watts. Probably one of the best rides of my life. Post ride swelling and pain were no more than usual so I will slowly up the ride times and intensity. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be at a point where I can ride with the BWR crew on an E ride. Really looking forward to that. [Good seeing Greg and Ed on their bikes this past week.]

All systems go. I am cleared to ride the bike. (With the caveat that I take it easy for the next month.) So as long as the rides are easy, not too long and in good weather I am a go. It's not Jens Voight HTFU, but it is better than nothing.

Training equals Ground Hog Day the movie. Exhausting work at therapy sessions and recovery days of 40 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes backwards on the treadmill. Friday is the big day when I see the Dr. for analysis.

Still working hard to rebuild the strength in both legs. Unfortunately it has had a negative affect on my good/bad left knee. Some of the patellar/arthritis pain I experienced in the past has flared up. On the good side the anti-inflamatories that I take can't tell right from left so I get a two for one boost. Although the reduced activity has caused some muscle loss in both legs, I continue to increase the weight and intensity of the workouts. I told my therapist I was going to try and ride a bike very easily this weekend and she damn near had a coronary. It seems that the next two weeks are critical in the recovery process. In the next two weeks the graft that replaced my ACL begins to "profuse" (which I think means starts to circulate blood and become more me than the donor)and during this time it is more vulnerable to damage. That combined with increased muscle strength means a balancing act. While strength work must continue it needs to be done with very controlled movements. Just what you don't have on the open road. The good news is that it is happeneing and I still may make it out by the end of the month. Keep posting about rides and races. Without them I feel my connection to cycling slipping away.

Today was a two hour workout in every sense. Lunges, squats, weights, squats while standing on a half ball as well as the usual therapy manipulations. This is a big test to see what the knee will tolerate. All systems seem go for now. Good luck to the BWR crossers.


I spent my allotted 25 minutes on the stationary bike watching the Redskins game. After 8 minutes of pedaling I was able to maintain a cadence of 80rpm. The better news is that as I became more agitated with the play of our "all pro" quarterback, my cadence surged into the 90's. This may not sound like a heck of alot, but only last week I could barely muster a cadence of 60 rpm. Yes it still hurts, but I am optomistic about getting outside on a bike by Halloween. Give me some update on the Sperryville ride and cross races.


25 minutes pedaling and,... wait for it..., broke a sweat! I was able to drop the saddle closer to a realistic height and push against more resistance at an 80-85 cadence. All of which resulted in a slight dampness upon my brow. Not much to the BWR mountain goats, but a milestone to me. Keep reporting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

ISO Coach Evans

(((((((((Bill)))))))) Are you out there?