Monday, October 26, 2009


BikeWorks was at, what turned out to be, the largest attended cross race so far this year. With all the categories, the racers were numbering near the 1000 rider mark. This made for a very festive atmosphere - the beer was flowing and the fritters were flying. Located on the grounds of the Veteran's home in D.C. it was a beautiful venue and a reasonable commute (except for a red light violation that cost me $75).

I again was first up for BikeWorks in the 3/4 masters 35+/45+. Pre reg had 115 riders signed up (100 started) which as you can image had us all getting to know each other for the first half lap!! My start position was more to the back and this had me and at least half the field putting a foot down through the first few corners as the race bottle necked!! Once I got some day light it was full speed ahead. Moved up nicely till I seemed to settle into my place with a few other riders. Was hoping I'd made it up further than I actually did, but felt good going and was only having problems trekking one section of the course.

Jack was up next in what should be a much more challenging (from what he had previously raced) 90 rider 3/4 race!! Jack was stuck in what looked to be 2/3 of the way back on the starting grid. Once more, the task would be the ride to the front of the pack, this time though he had the 3's of Marbra to contend with. In the span of a lap and 1/2 Jack had made impressive progress to about 20th position and still storming. Then Jack would acquire some true race experience "mechanical." I could see Jack off in the distance with his bike inverted with someone he never met resetting his rear wheel. By the time I was able to ride over Jack was under way again and I questioned his new friend on what was up. And I quote, "the dude's rear wheel was all fucked up!" I had hoped Jack had weathered and would have an event free rest of the race. Saw him again next lap , looked to be racing strong still. Lap after that, Jack missing again! Turned out his rear wheel was unrideable. He did make it to the pits and popped my 10speed on his 8speed and finished the race able to shift between 2 gears.

In the end -
Jinks 3/4 masters, 35+/45+, 51st place
Jack 3/4, 53rd place

In the pedals, Jinks


  1. I was sweaty just reading it! Great time for a race! Thanks for showing the BWR colors again, boys! Fantastic job.

  2. Thanks for the write up. Like Chris Matthews and Obama, it makes my legs tingle.