Monday, October 12, 2009

Richmond Festival Cross - day 2

Sunday had BikeWorks add to its lineup and show up with 3 teammates ready to cross. I would be first off in the 45+ field. This was run on the course a minute behind the 35+. I was able to get a hole shot and lead the group into turn one. By the end of lap one a group of 6 or 7 of us had formed at the front, it was obvious that this was going to be a fast race. I was happy to have the company but was soon finding it hard to keep the pace. I believe a group of 5 rode away some thirty seconds ahead. As the race went on, I began to pick up riders from the 35. Was able to trade pulls and race with splintering riders but never able to get contact back with the front group that I could see in front of me. All in all I felt good and strong throughout the race and was able to keep the “bonk” plugged in!

Next up was our boy Jack in the Cat 4 C race. This would be the first of 2 teammates that I would be able to express my verbal commitment to their racing effort – GO JACK!!!! Jack was back for his second cross race ever. Judging by how the first one went (challenging for the win); I wanted to make sure he was getting everything right. Was hoping they would give the top finishers from the day before some type of call up and a place at the front row of the start. Not to happen today, Jack’s start would be not the last row but the one in front of that. I expressed to Jack the importance of being in the front once the race got underway, realizing he had himself a task at hand getting there from about 30 riders back!! Riders are off, within the first lap Jack had rode himself into the lead group of ten and was ready for a day at the front. It appears that Jack and cross are destined for each other.

For the final race of the day, A(1,2)/B(3) would take the course a minute apart. Our boy Bill was back for another A race affair. Once again there was no real order at the start as far as staging. Bill and others had gotten there early and were placed on the front row only to see it turn into the third row as the named riders formed two rows in front of them (1st to 12th place and the race hadn’t even started). Riders were off and what was sure to be a fast race seemed to be going a little faster. After a few laps it seemed that Bill had settled into about 20th place or so. And as the speed continued and A met B the pedaling bonk began to appear!! With a nice little fan base of family and teammates cheering, Bill seemed to be clawing his way back up. This became more evident at the 45 minute mark when the B riders finished their race and only A’s were left (A’s go 60 minutes). With a clear count of just A riders, Bill had made it back to a group of 5 that would contest for 14th place. This was the gutsiest ride of the day for BikeWorks.

Jack Sparks – C race, 4th place
Mike Jinks – 45+ race, 7th place
Bill Evans – A race, 15th place

In the pedals, Jinks


  1. Two days, two horrible start situations. Anyone else still coughing up dust? It took me three laps, but finally catching a rider with the name Wittwer made my day. Everyone raced so hard and with a great deal of heart!

  2. Way to go, guys! My loins are far too soft to handle all that mounting and dismounting, so you have my respect and admiration for your performances! Keep up the good work, I am cheering for you from down here in the sticks!