Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jacks Training Oct

Sat Oct 10th - Today was my cross racing debut. After training with Bill and Jinks in Old Mill Park numerous times, I tired their method today in Richmond and found it to be true. The course itself was quite intense, with numerous cobbled sections, three or four shady corners, and a 27 stair runup. I had a malfunction with my handlebars two or three minutes into my warmup, so after Bill fixed me up I tried to get a full warmup lap in. I was three fourths of a lap into the warmup when he starts yelling that "They're about to start - you better get up there!" I was in the valley at the time, so I scaled a few hills ands did the steps, arriving breathlessly at the start just in time for roll call. Then, we were off. During the first lap I tried to make up for being in the back of the pack for the start. After the step climb and the field section I was making good progress, and mid way through the second lap I caught a group of six that were off the front. I was probably the most well informed racer out there - at every turn and during every section Bill was the "puppet master". At times when I was in the valley (on the cobbles before the steps) his voice seemed to boom out like an angry Gods - "Jack speed up!" "Jack pass him he's going too slow" . . . . etc etc. Couldn't ask for someone better to guide me through my first cross race.
The group of six started to thin, and I sped up before hitting the barriers . . . . the only one who responded was a yellow jerseyed VCU rider. Noticing that he still had some juice, I planned to let him lead the way until the steps, where I would run past him and claim victory. It almost worked, but he was too motivated for me. Result, second place.
Tomorrow I'll my best again, and I'll be bringing out a small keg for any other BWR guys who want to come . . . . hope to see you there!

Tuesday Oct 13th - I felt so beat up after the two days of racing - especially in my lower legs and achilles. I thought at first that it was simply muscle fatigue, but it seemed to be more from the pounding jumping on and off the bike during the barrier and stair sections. Some long soaks nad arnica oil seem to have helped . . . . hopefully the body will adapt and recover more quickly next time.

Oct 14th - Rode in the rain with Jinks in the park until dark. I caught him by accident as he was leaving work - he was pulling off as I was coming into town, so I was waving like a madman trying to get his attention. He didn't notice, so I called his cell, and he came back and we drove to the park, where we rode til dark. Looks like Friday we'll be doing a nighttime cross practice - Bill are you in?

Oct 16th - Crossed with Jinks in Stafford, but felt a little brain dead at times. We had a good convo though, so all in all it was a good time. Hope that it stops raining so that we can get an E ride in Sunday . . . .

Oct 17th - met with Jinks and had a good but bone chilling ride up to Stafford together. Jinks said it was a pretty epic ride . . . . it was but a better description in my mind was numbing. Not that the suffering was overwhelming, but with the body not fully adjusted to the weather, and with the terrain Jinks led us through - long dirt roads and plenty of stretches with strong headwinds . . . . after a while I kinds of zoned out. Towards the end of the ride I'm sure we were both dreaming of warm clothes and all . . . . it was a good way to spend a Sat.

Oct 18th - Rode for a little bit today, but felt really depleted. the good news was that it didn't rain though . . . . . . !

Oct 19th - After a spin drank down a quick protein shake and then a beer . . . . :{
I'd better not light a match or the whole place will go up!

Oct 21st - Cross practice with Jinks in preparation for this weekend. I felt pretty good but my handlebars are still coming loose. Spent most of the practice observing Jinks' technique and what lines he choose . . . . I had a really interesting moment when I tried to do a super smooth remount and came down on my jewels . . .

Oct 28th - RIP Bianchi Cross bike . . . . After work I was slated to meet Jinks for some cross at Old Mill. Knowing this yesterday I left all of my cross stuff in my moms car, so that while she was at work I could go and switch from road wheels to cross ones. I was in a hurry after I made the switch, but I wasn't the only one. A driver cut me off in front of the ER, and in order to not hit the back of his car, I jumped a curb, which led to a short downhill and then another taller curb. I guess my curb jumping skills are pretty mediocre, because I hit the second one and was airborne. I had a moment of "Uh oh, here comes the pavement", and then bam! my shoulder hits followed by my head. I picked myself up quickly to see if anything was broken, but it all seemed ok, so I grabbed the bike and walked it back to the car, so that I could change wheels (the front was flat), and go meet Jinks and maybe do a road ride or something. Upon closer inspection the bike was toast though - the top tube was seperated and the downtube was kinked badly. I eventually made it down to Old Mill where Jeff and Jinks confirmed that it was toast . . . . . as I type this I'm pretty pissed - mostly at myself. That bike was pretty cool, and I even had the hat to match.


  1. You Da Man! I can't say how thrilled I am for you and how proud to have you as a teammate.

  2. Outstanding job Jack!!!!! I told you that you were the STAR (ride in the mountains)

  3. Paying the price for being me. 103.3 degrees. Love to be in the Ardene with you boys.

  4. ouch! I hit the top tube 2X in the Chimborazo race. After the first child, they hurt less!