Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tour De France

If one of my teammates made a deal with another team and then attacked a fellow teammate despite being in no danger of losing position, I think there would be blood on my fist from punching his lights out. Contador is a little dirt bag, although a talelented dirt bag. I know my teammates would not do that to me. Especially in a KOM competition. I would not want to be Contador on another team from Armstrong and Bruyneel next year. They are cold blooded killers when it comes to being crossed.


  1. I couldn't agree more Steve.

    With all due respect to those not pulling for Lance for any number of reasons, in my book Contador just showed his true colors...for the second time in the last week. I had thought maybe it was just a slip, that attack against Johann's orders on stage 14 was it? But now its clear. Something he has in common with the Garmin Team Director...a total 'me-first' guy, even at friends' and teammates' expense. I hope and trust the racing karma will even the score with him at some future point...very disappointing.

  2. Who do you guys see being the three on the podium when its all said and done?

  3. If I were to guess, Contador, Andy Schleck and Lance, in that order. How do he know?