Wednesday, July 22, 2009

recovery update

After one week of rest in my recliner, I'm back to work on some light duty slow movement.I’m still sore and if I move the wrong way I know it, but overall I'm feeling pretty good.Not able to sleep in a bed yet but the recliner is not bad. I’m walking about 2 miles a day just to try and speed up the process and keep from getting stiff. My biggest fright over the next month will be my weight; I have already picked up 15 lbs. I really believe I will be back on the bike by the end of August. Hope to see some of you guys at the PLT, Savannah will be racing


  1. Jeff, I'm glad the recovery is going fine. I was gaining a lb every two days last year after my crash. Can I visit and bring you anything? video? Bon-bons? Say the word.

  2. Glad to hear it is getting better. Look forward to seeing you at the PLT.

  3. Yo Brotha,
    Pain is only temperary and glory is for ever!!
    I know a guy who said if you can pull that same move off every Saturday night He'll pay you fifty bucks a week to go on after the flying horses in his traveling road show !
    Heal quick , The Jinks

  4. Great to see you at the PLT. Thanks for the help and keep up the recovery.