Monday, July 13, 2009

Racing in Mabra

BikeWorks again brought its self north to race in the Mabra domain. First off in what I'm sure will be the most dramatic piece of racing you may ever see ( was our boy Jeff. Jeff was contesting the 35+ 4/5 event and was about to win the thing, when what looks to be a bomb going off took Jeff and five others to the pavement!! Unreal pictures of this on I haven't seen that much air under a bike since Evil Knievel tried the fountains at Caesars Palace!! Jeff is in good spirits, but does have two broken ribs and is officially the baddest Mo Fo you know!

Next up was Steve in the 50+ event. Sounds as if Steve had a day of trading blows, chasing down breaks and basically being out numbered. Steve was able to give a very helpful course report before our race.

Greg, Bill and myself made it 3 for the P/1/2/3 event. What had first looked to be a small affair turned out to be a full on mid-Atlantic elite race. Last minute entries included Richmond Pro, the rest of Harley-Davidson and the fast boys from DC Velo. The course which was advertised as a 2.1 mile circuit turned out to be a 1.1 – apparently a misprint in the flyer. The good news on the circuit was the hill was easy. The bad news is there was a head wind that attempted alone would redefine your red zone. With the racing under way BikeWorks settled in nicely in the pack. There were sightings of the Fredericksburg trio front, center and back. Eventually a break went off the front and stuck. BikeWorks did have three different attempts to run it back. Bill and Greg leading the more significant efforts. The end had us all finishing strongly in the pack but not before showing the BikeWorks colors in a few significant moves.

In the pedals, Jinks

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