Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ben's Decmber torture

Dec 16th I learned a couple thing tonight doing Power Starts with the team; Bike works Race Team is fast, powerful, well organized and poorly prepared for cold nights. AND ---- it take 1309 watts to disentigrate an already marginal Speed Play x5 pedal. I avg'd 950 - 1000 all others. I'm happy with 1309 on my first time doing PS's outdoors.

Dec 15th PE2X8, Whew. HR and PE told a story that power didn't agree with. Little lower than I hoped for but still above earlier avg


Dec 13th Had a thought this AM. If I can sit and watch football for four hours, I ought to be able to do 3 hrs on the trainer. Avg Pwr=140, Avg HR=110, Avg Cadance=78. I took 2-4min breaks on the hour and did sit ups and stretched. Now, 1.5 hr workouts will seem easy (mentally).

Dec. 12 Missed the 0800 ride, sorry, sleep is as important as training and diet. Did get out around 2:00 for a couple hours with Flat Intervals. My power has increased on avg of about 25 watts and HR:PE is getting higher already. I tried to do 80 RPMs to 100 RPMs but looking at download, it looks more like 90 to 115 seemed to be the avg. I think it still hits the goal, mid to high tempo except for one hill excertion and a power stomp at the end, just to feel it on the road. It was cold and windy even at 2:00. Tomorrow looks like a wash out. I might try to do 2 sets of 2hrs on the stationary.

Anybody wanna ride Saturday in the cold? Leave from shop, I need to do 1.5 hr of flat interval (like) workout. That is just above recovery for most of you guys.

Dec 9 Did Power Starts (on stationary)instead of 1.5 on TT. Hit 1205 on first one. tappered down on next two, back up to 1223 on #4 then steady around 1190. Compresion tights, chicken breast and sweet tatter. I aint posting wieght like Jordan.

Dec 8 PE1 X 6, jacked up pwr to high tempo hr (no LT) alrready turning out about 30 more watts.

Dec 4-7 At Sea testing, little ship big seas, constant leg workout isometric balance. Missilex Skin to skin kill.

Dec3 today's flat intervals will be replaced by the Thursday Night All about Bikes MTB ride. I haven't riden a MTB in quite a while, and with lights, should be fun. This is an all out slugfest through some trails - neighborhoods - fire road - and back to the shop for LOTs of IPAs. Better burn a lot of calories. then, i'm haze gray and underway. See you guys next week.

Dec 2 1.5 hr E with eight power STOMPS. i did em in the stationary so, i don't know how the power translates. all six i got over 1100, third set was best at 1238. Compresion tights and healthy dinner with smaller portions. Let the training begin.

Dec 1 PE1s 6 sets, fun stuff. i love 'em. From set on to six, my avg pwr increased 30 watts. next time, that is where i'll start. One month in and I'm getting 30 watt jumps, sign of good things? I hope so.


  1. Are you back yet? I need to see how things are going and if you got the latest plan.

  2. Wow, 1300 watts! Is that instantaneous or 5 sec maximal? I could only dream at this point in my training of such numbers, but I am going to focus my Spring program on improving power in the 5-20 sec and 1-2 min ranges, to be a stronger all-rounder.