Saturday, December 26, 2009

EPIC-The Proposed Ride for Sunday

The only people who are coming on this ride really love Biking. For Sunday the 27th, several riders have proposed an epic ride of 4+ hours. I charted an amazing ride down below Ladysmith. I suggest bringing plenty of food and a few bucks for a stop at Rozelle Store. Perfect bike fare! There will also be a water stop if we need it. A reasonable start-time of 9:00 should suffice, as it's not going to be that cold this time out. This is the kind of ride people will be talking about for months, so don't miss your op. BikeWorks @ 9:00. Please post your RSVP below so we don't leave without anyone.


  1. I propose delaying this one week so I can go! Have a great ride guys and be safe.

  2. EPIC? I dont know. I think I'm up for EPIC. Above E pace? Couple o sprints? Regroups at top of hills (Read wait for me)? ............... Only if Jack shows.

  3. I will be there, read my blog for the Fl scout report