Saturday, December 26, 2009

jeff's training in FL

I arrived in the sunshine on 12-19 Saturday midday knowing that I had just dodge the white bullet
I decided that I should change my recovery week to a all out build week. all fire up and ready to go I stopped in a local shop to get the scoop on the group ridding.Take note I was warned about the speeds and filled in on the distance 45-50-70 miles at avg 22mph with hills??? what we are in Orlando right?
If you find yourself in Orlando FL. and would like to test your fitness just show up at the Windemere Elm. School at 8:10 am any Sunday morning for a fast pace group Ride. the group was at least 50 riders and I overheard the big boys talking about how hard it was going to be to keep the group together because it was so small due to cold weather low 60?? big boy PRO road riders and at Least 1 Pro Tri and as I soon found out a S$$$ load 1-2 and by the way I relay believe a rec. rider in Fl = a cat 3 in Va at least this time of year. so we roll off I'm staying at the front section as they warm up, all small ring I'm thinking OK So 70 miles in the small ring Got IT. Wrong about 15 miles in we hit the first HILL of many to come , this thing seemed to last forever and Guss what 100meters from the top when most of us were gasping for air, here come the big rings and off they went and I mean they were gone!!!!! I knew I could not match that acceleration so I sucked some wheel and recovered and started a rotation to try and bring it back not enough power got drop and later got dropped again now it was time to bargain with some others who were suffering as well and tuck our tails and limp back to a common meeting ground.ended with 3 hr but took a short cut.
everyone I met was eager to help and very nice. They seem to have the same type of difficulty with the traffic as we due,Hell we event had a reporter following us taking film and pitchers trying to catch us in the wrong.

This will be short 12-20 3 1/4hr with 50 min tempo 60 miles

12-21 3 1/2 hr with 3 x20 min tempo 60 + miles

12-23 4 1/2 hr low E

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