Monday, December 7, 2009

09' Crossed Out

Jack & I ended the 09' cross season in a very Belgian like Reston race. There was so much snow and mud I think I heard the officials speaking Flemish!! This brought to an end a long and satisfying season - me 10 races, Jack 7 races, and Bill, before illness, 3 races.

Jack in his first season of cross was only out of the top ten once (with a mechanical) and won the Cat 4 State Championship. The elite race is definitely in this boy's future. He has also laid claim to the first BikeWorks rider to kill a cross bike.

Bill gave us one of the gutsy rides early on in the season before pulling the plug do to a reoccurring illness. Each year as cross season approaches I always run through my mind who’ll come cross with me. By the time I talk cross with Bill he’s already had his cross bike out for two weeks and the season planned. Its riders like this that make you want to cross!

This season for me had races in 3 states, fields for the most part in excess of 80 riders and full body ground contact topping the half dozen mark. It was a very full race season with great camaraderie both in Massachusetts with old teammates and the Mid Atlantic with the ever growing presence of BikeWorks racing. Among the highlights for me would have to be our day at Bryant Park when all 3 BikeWorks riders had a good day on the bike; attending the spectacle that is Gloucester Cross and hearing the random voices scream “Go Jinksy!” and finally the proud feeling of getting a call up for a teammate and realizing BikeWorks is making it’s mark in Cross.

In the pedals, Jinks


  1. You and Jack had a great cross season. If the doc is correct, I should be around for next year and I look forward to learning and riding with a couple of pros.

  2. Good job!!, and congrads. on a great season!!!