Saturday, September 12, 2009

Running the Race

The day was wonderful. Konrad and I were completely in sinc after years apart. BWR were eager to help this great guy out. Jinksy and I ran the entire registration from 7:00-8:30 when Twister and YoungGun showed and they helped finish last minute reg and run the total transition times. It was awesome to see THAT many people show for the event and Konrad was glad for the help. The men and women came from all over to do the terrain that we use to make us strong.

It is this sacrifice for larger causes that I like BikeWorks Racing SO MUCH. You guys are so willing to drop everything and promote healthy living or random acts of kindness. I was quite proud of our team today and really enjoyed participating. More than 75 racers saw us in action and we never even had to put a leg over our top-tubes!

Great job boys!

Go to Fred Events to check out the results!

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