Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jordan's Training and "Racing"

Good to see my teammates are on the mend and trying to regain some fitness. I wish you all a speedy recovery and good training!

I have been doing a lot of MTB riding lately, in preparation for my "racing" scenes for The Potential Inside (look for me at about 5 seconds and 7 seconds in the trailer). We had a good two days of shooting last weekend, lots of technical stuff and a brutal climb, then another day tomorrow with Jeremiah Bishop shooting the race finish. October will be one more weekend with Chris Eatough doing the off-road climb to the top of Liberty Ski Resort. Exciting stuff!

On the road, I've been keeping up the endurance/tempo rides on the weekends with one weekday of FTP/VO2 riding with the local group (3-5 guys, usually). No slouching, last week we averaged 24.8 mph for the entire hour, and I try to push a high FTP pace (about 320W these days) for a solid 15 minutes riding to the meeting place. FTP is still hovering at about 310W.

I'm also teach a couple of classes at the YMCA Mon & Tues, which are comprised of some high-end tempo and threshold intervals. No power data, but HR regularly goes into the 165-175 range during the intervals. Fridays I usually do something different: uphill hiking(15%) on the treadmill, running 10K, or learn how to ride on rollers. I've also added in some work on the back, triceps, and core with weights.

Looks like the clouds are clearing and it's not going to rain - so it's time to get out on the bike and enjoy the cooler weather today! The lawn mowing can wait!

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  1. Great to see you with the old Boys on the screen!!!