Monday, September 7, 2009

Race Support Needed

Gents, our great friend, Konrad, is looking for race help for his big event next Sat. It's an off-road duathlon. He will be commenting below some of his needs. I know this is not possible for some of you, but let's try to make this happen.


  1. What time did he need people for the transition?

  2. Hey guys,
    First of all: Thanks for considering! I mostly need timers. It gets somewhat crazy without timing mats to make sure we get transiton times for all the racers.
    If you can help out, it be great if you could be out at the VOC (the kayaking place on Fall Hill) by 8:25. As a heads up: There'll be a lot of traffic, so you are better off parking at the footbridge parking lot across the street and walking down the gravel road towards Embrey Dam's former location. That's where the transition will be set up!!

    If you don't mind, shoot me a quick email ( you can make it. That way I can get my planning down. We'll have a timers meeting at 8:30.

    Thanks again and I hope all you guys are well,
    PS I have my last event on Sep 27 and can always use some good people then as well. If you can't make it this Sat, maybe you can on that weekend? Thanks so much

  3. Konrad, where exactly is this? What time does the race actually start and how long is it expected to last? Would we need to bring anything?

  4. All. If you take the canal path all the way to Fall Hill Ave(stops) and cross the street, you will find a gravel road. Follow that to the end and there you are. I'd ride your bikes to help with parking.

    I'm going there about 7AM and helping until about 9:30 with whatever 'Rad needs. I'll be sporting the BWR t-shirt for sure! Hope to see you there. Steve, feel like getting out of the house for this one?

  5. Right! Registration will come first and transition next.

  6. Bill, will look to hook up with you at 7 o'clock at the start area.

  7. On orders from the medical professionals trying to put me back together, I will not be able to attend. Concern regarding rough terrain and additional swelling.

  8. The day was wonderful. Jinks and I ran the entire registration from 7:00-8:30 when Twister and YoungGun showed and helped finish last minute reg and run the transition times. It was awesome to see THAT many people show for the event and Konrad was glad for the help.

    It is this sacrifice for things of all kind that I like BikeWorks Racing SO MUCH. You guys are so willing to drop everything and promote healthy living or random acts of kindness. I was quite proud of our team today and really enjoyed on participation. More than 75 racers saw us in action and we never even put a leg over our top-tubes!

    Great job boys!