Monday, September 28, 2009

Bill's Cross Your Heart training/racing

I think this says it all!


  1. Today 7 of us went up to Sperryville to do a day in the mountains. It was absolutely delightful!!! The first 7 miles up to the ranger station was interesting and quite difficult. I forgot my glasses and went back to the car to get them(a bit farther than I remembered). I chased all the way up to the group and was pretty spent as the hill really began. After a quick vomitt, I felt better and I spun out this short and compact crank. Stayed in contact and got the work in. The rest of the ride was pure pleasure!

    Everyone did remarkably well and hurt just the same amounts(except for Twister). Going up River Rd does have its advantages. The pictures and video are going to be great! Thanks to all who motivated me to do it. Jinksy is in day two of Glouster crossing.