Thursday, April 30, 2009


I Made my first visit to a DR. in 5yrs,I have been seeing some high HR # off an on for about a year. I would see high # and then they would go away and I would convince myself it was just a bad reading low batteries, some other Electrical interference and so on. With the power meter I started to really notice them more often. The week before the Casey Crit I had a reading for over 8min at 224 HR and a max of 248, backed up by high reading on three early training work outs.
The Tuesday after the Casey my wife and I were on a recovery ride and sure enough I was putting out 170watts and my HR climbed to 215, I stopped and change out my HR monitor with my wife.
Now with a new monitor I starter off and made about 100yds before I saw 220 at very low watts. Now my mind will not let me go where I need to be!
I talked with Bill and Jinks and both of them encouraged me to see a DR. So may first visit in 5yrs went something like this, I had a EKG, a chest-ray and four more test schedule over the next three weeks, the good news Dr Wheeler said its more then likely nothing to worry about, that some people’s body wants or needs higher Hr from time to time, and that I should continue with my training for now.
So as I started out yesterday I planed a good 15 min warm-up and started my 10 min tempo, I glanced down at my Hr to see a mere 213, turned it over to view time and dropped the hammer and never looked at it again, the training went good but I did have some heavy legs after the bridging intvs. As I struggled to keep my cadence with the 20 min Tempo on the down side of the work out.
Today I Took the TT for A nice 1 1/2 hr low E recovery ride, feeling pretty good.


  1. Jeff are you racing this weekend?

  2. Jeff,

    That is wierd. A couple years ago I had twohunderds on hr, went through same stuff you are. End result, nothing. It jumps unbelievably high, I slightly feel it. Then, it settles out. For me it never did it at low zones though. Hope all is well.

    Jack, I am racing Sunday.

  3. Holy rabbit heart rate Jeff. I am glad you got it checked out and all seems well. Now, as someone who is not a frequent doctor visitor. I encourage you to get regular check ups and physicals. We are not Young Guns or Twisters anymore and it is important to monitor your health on regular basis so that any deviations from the norm are quickly dealt with. I think your nickname with that heart rate and background should be IRON MAN!