Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Training Jordan


Resting this week, last week was Spring Break so I took a deviation from the standard plan and opted to do some mega mileage. I needed to just get out and enjoy riding as well as doing the training, and honestly I just wanted to see how much riding I could do in 9 days. Grand totals were around 560 miles and about 29.5 hours:

Saturday: 4.5 hours of Endurance riding (233 W)
Sunday: 4 hours of steady Tempo riding (262 W) - kept the power variability down to just 6%.
Monday: 2.5 hours, 5x10min subLT intervals (263-293W) on TT bike, plus 45 min spin class
Tuesday: 3.5 hours w/ 70 minutes of upper tempo (282 W), rest, and then 1x20min subLT (314 W), plus 35 min spin class
Wednesday: 3 hours w/1 hour of sweet spot tempo (304 W)
Thursday: 1 hour crit simulation (about 290W)
Friday: 1.5 hours w/ 1x20min, 1x15min, & 1x10min LT intervals on TT bike (291-300 W), plus 1 x 5min VO2 Max (327W)
Saturday: 7.5 hours Endurance (200km, 213 W)
Sunday: 1 hour EASY (181 W)

So naturally this week I have been taking it easy, recovering, doing just my spin classes during the week, but putting some effort into them to keep my lactate tolerance systems working, and today I will do a 1.5 hour race tune-up. Chances are that the "mega-week" adaptations won't totally kick in until 3 more weeks from now - Ephrata - which was the point.


  1. An actual 30 hour ride week! How's the under carriage?

  2. Surprisingly good. Sunday it was definitely a little swollen, and I had a little bit of dry skin down there, but the Udderly Smooth took care of that. Today's race tune up was great, the recovery week has done its job, and I feel very confident going into tomorrow's TT.


    After some disappointment at the Canal TT (the competition was the strongest I've seen in a M30+ TT, but I still think I could have gone better than I did), I have had some stellar training days the past week and a half. We've begun our weekly Wednesday group ride, which generally consists of strong 1-2min pulls and a few 2-5min VO2 efforts on the longer hills. I have also been doing the 1min bridging efforts and 2min "hill attacks"(similar to the bookends from the plan), and of course continuing the FTP work as well.

    Some significant power numbers from training during this period:

    Best 1min power: 617 W
    Best 2min power: 440 W
    Best 5min power: 392 W
    Best 20min power: 348 W

    I've hit 4 out of my 10 best 60-min NP markers in the past 10 days as well. Casey Crit watch out!!

  4. That 1 minute number is huge! Was that found during the BIs or being chased by Cujo the dog of death?

    Looks like some hard days ahead if looking at the 30+. Reminds me of the caliber back in the Jim Estes/Dave/Rob D. days!

    I have a billion bottles for you, by the way.

  5. Generally, on 1-minute BIs, I tend to range between 570-610. All-time best was about 640W, but that was in 2006 at 80kg. 617 at 77kg is the same w/kg. Had I started cycling younger, I think I would have been a good pursuit rider on the track.

    I like that the caliber of the competition is increasing, it pushes me to grow. As long as I am doing my best, I feel no shame losing to some of the best racers out there. If Roger Friend tries last year's tactic in this weekend's crit (which was attack at the start and ride off the front), I may go with him this time.