Monday, April 27, 2009

Charity ride update

Charity update,
Thanks to so many amazing people BikeWorks Racing raised over $3600.00 to help support our war veterans.
The ride started slow and cold, Dewey and I were both under dressed for the early morning and low intensity.
As the ride began to unfold it started to heat up for BikeWorks , at the first rest stop Dewey and I were approached by Doug Levy(2008 Race across America Solo runner up in his age Group, 11th overall )He asked us to run sweeper on the course so from that point on we were sprinting from back to front changing tires, tubes adjusting chains passing out water bottles and really getting a work out.
On day two is where we found our calling for this event, we met Bob Briggs an injured veteran participating in his second Face of America ride, with only the use of his right leg and partial use of his left side, he was struggling in his Trke bike, I recalled last year as he was only able to complete one day do to bike fitting problems.
This year in order for him to make the steep grades and complete the ride he needed some team support. Dewey, another rider and I would ride along side and use a bar mounted to the back of his bike to help push his bike up the inclines. This was taking a lot of strength and at one time with the pitch near 20 degrees, Dewey had to dismount and run behind him pushing, without team work we would have never made it to the end.
With the finish line approaching Bob was about 50 meters behind the other hand cyclist and on his command we made one last surge as he closed the gap and finished in the lead group. His determination to complete the event kept him pushing through the tough parts and now with this great accomplishment he will have a new level of self confidence.
The present of BikeWorks was defiantly felt and the complements were many!!


  1. Well done to Jeff, Dewey and all of the participants. I watched both of the YouTube files you sent, Jeff, and it was touching and inspirational. You and Dewey should be very proud of yourselves. Your teammates and friends sure are!

  2. Jeff
    It take an incredible person to do what you have done for these hero's. I wish I could of being there supporting along with you and Dewey. I would love to participate next year.
    Great job!!!