Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bike Handling

I think it is about time for another bike handling/drills clinic. How about this Friday at 5PM in Old Mill park? It looks like rain is a chance so we'll cancel if it is raining. For those that attended last time, it will be similiar to what we did. To those who didn't go and are hopefully attending this time, we'll be doing some bump and grind and rubbing elbows. Good practice for the crits.

If you are interested, comment to this post so I know if anyone wants to go.


  1. Greg, I'll be there if I can get someone to cover for me at work.

  2. Alright, let me know as soon as you find out. It sounds like no one else is showing up so it would be just me and you. Hopefully the weather holds out for us, looks like possible storms this afternoon. If it is pissing down rain or just finished raining around 5, let's cancel it. I don't want to go playing around in the mud at the park.