Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jinks April training log


  1. Kicked off April’s training with a new exercise in self abuse - bridging intervals! Had hoped to do this workout in the park, but a later than expected night at work and rain on top of that, brought the pain inside. 10 minutes of tempo put a little dew on the noggin, then straight into 1 on 2 off, 1 on 2 off, 1 on 2 off. I saw what my heart was doing but there may have been a few vital signs that could have gotten me first in line in the ER!! The bridges are tough.

    I had an interesting perspective earlier in the day. While in the park I was able to witness our boy Bill rip off a few of his bridging efforts. As we approached 40mph, me on a motorcycle and Bill peddling for all he is worth, I looked over at Bill and realized you can’t fake that face.

    In the pedals, the Jinks

  2. Was it the chunks of puke on my lip that was so handsome? I guess if you witnessed the anguish that the workout caused and still went after it on you own afterward, GOOD MAN! "Nothing knows scorn like the pain of an out-of-true wheel!"-BE

  3. Got through a week of training on schedule. A little more indoor training than I would have hope for,but done just the same!! By the end of the week was feeling good . Saturday's spinout to clear the legs I felt confrim this!
    Sunday was race day. Ed, Greg, & myself brought Bikeworks north to check out the Mabra race seen. Tyson's corner in Mclean ,VA is a circuit race of about 1.1 mile. The course consist of a long sweeping down hill & a finishing straight though not very steep is what gets to be a very long hill !! The start had 94 of us toeing the line in the straight cat 3 race. The test of the day at least for me was the visit of the hill ever three minutes or so ! From what I could see of BikeWorks, Greg almost made it to a break ( that came back anyway ) And spend a good deal of time at or near the front ! Ed I began notice when the hill frist start to test my upward mobility. Did not have the same affect on him !! It seemed that He would start the hill slow then accelerate more the farther up he got! In the end Greg was good for 8th place finish, Ed looks to be top twenty ( picking off people all the way to the line ) and myself, well I did get in, may be it a lap down !
    In The Pedals , Jinks

  4. Jinks, how was your workout the other day?

  5. The week in training was good . Monday a 3hr epic on Quantico in the pour down rain. (Reward for stellar race performance on Sunday) Tuesday rest & reflect. Wednesday I was in the bike gym (the park). I saw BikeWorks brawlers coming and going. Did my 8x5 LT's, great to do outside, still are a killer though! Thursday evening back in park. Met up wiht Ed as I finished up my bridging efforts. Good to cool down and chat with team mate after work out. Lost ability to stand during 3 set of bridges!! Will chill tonight and look forward to hitting again on Saturday & Sunday!
    In the Pedals Jinks

  6. Weekend Training (Sat, Sun, and Mon) had some unexpected surprises. Saturday I was able to pair up with Dewey for my commute home from work. We were able to ride a 2-man break-away for most of the 24 mile trek home. Over the rolling terrain and the constant switching of the front proved to be a great race simulation. Sunday I warmed up for the ride with a 17 mile commute. Nine of us (4 BikeWorks) rolled out to Caroline for the better part of 3 hours, mostly at E pace with the occasional bookend thrown in. By the time I got back to my car at work (after riding the cobbles in the park) I had logged 62 miles on the day. Monday I was able to get Bill north and we rode Quantico. With a straight hour of high tempo 2-man break-away I was beginning to feel like I was riding for Quick Step this weekend. The rolling hills and the taming of the 53-12 were putting plenty of heat in the legs! 2hrs 40min and some 40+ miles after all was said and done. A great 3 days of training!

    In the pedals, Jinks