Sunday, March 8, 2009


Three quick reminders:

We still need to look at cats for the Tour of Ephrata.

If we deemed a race priority "A", a single race should be attempted that day. Coming into the priority A race even slightly less than 100% is not good. Multiples can be done on other "B" race days or on the same day after the A race and not before.

Tysons is full for the cat 5 and 4. 35+ is open, as is the 3 and 123. BUT we must act soon! 48hours.


  1. This race looks good to me and I'd like to try it out. Are we going to fill the 3/4 race? I don't know if the team cat. 3's were looking at the pro 1,2,3 race but I really don't think I'm up for an 80 mile road race.

    I'm good to go for Tyson's. Straight 3 race or 1,2,3?

  2. I would say that we do the 3/4 together. If Ken is well, he would do the 4/5.(Good luck Ken on the ultrasound today!!!!)

    I'm cooked like a Tyson's chicken. Sorry guys, but my school duties call.

  3. If you all are going to Ephrata I'm in . . . .

  4. It sounds like there is a bunch of excitement here. Do we need to get hotels for one or two night?

  5. Crickets, crickets. It all begins with that question!

  6. Sleepy Hole Crit is rescheduled to Sunday March 22nd. I'm going. There are plenty of openings and the weather looks DEVINE. Keeping in mind anything over 42 and reasonably less wet than typhoon is DEVINE after the Ddismal (performance, weather,...)Dash TT.