Friday, March 13, 2009

Dismal Weather TT

Looks like splendid weather for a DISMAL dash. Any plans on caravaning down? I'm taking Jumpin Jack Rabbitt Flash.

Any pre TT ride plans? If it is dry, anybody want to hit the park? What time?


  1. If dry, I'm going out and lay in the grass. I'll be doing my pre-ride indoors. I'll be doing one hour easy with 2x3 min LTs to open the legs. The music I'll be playing on my ipod will be Lo-Fidelity All Stars, and MXPX, strictly for the 110rpm cadences.

    Ben, Jack, come find us at the DDTT to say hey or to pass on sweet IPAs after the ride!

  2. Will do sir, good luck to you and all of BWR and see you there!