Friday, March 13, 2009

March 09 training Jeff

I'm so far behind on my blog, I will not even attempt to make it all up, with the increase training time hitting close to 2hrs a work out my daughter's solf ball program and increasing activity at work, I have been barley finding time to relax. My training has been right on target with the only exception I had some trouble getting thru the 5th 10min Lt, I just put it behind me and moved on. this week has been a tough week for me starting with 2x20 min LTS, then we hit the park for 1.5hr low E and I fealt relieved when Bill instructed us to cut the sprints to 8 sec.
As for yesterday I can vouch for Greg, He to was hammering out the 2x30 min Tempo on the FCC route. I'm realy feeling the training with still another week to go!
Its nice to have a race to look forward to inorder to maintain focus DISMAL DASH!!!


  1. Today was by the book trainning as I hit 2x20 min lts, the frist int. I went on PRE and was pleased to see the results I ended up with Avg. WT at 275 this is right at the top of my FTP and the 2end I used the meter to pace and ended with Avg. WT at 253 this is right at the low end of my FTP.Some major differance in over all indecaters 1st, HR AVG. 164, Wat 275, cad 86, speed 21.96. peak power was high.
    # 2int HR AVG. 154, Wat 253 cad 79 speed 21.93, peak power low. What this tells me is I need more practice with pacing vs PRE & I need to look at the amount of wasted engery getting up to speed, by the way this was on my TT bike and my max speed was on Int#2

  2. After last weeks training and the Sat. break away ride with the Jinks, I found myself begging for a break, this weeks rest is very much enjjoyed, Its nice seeing team mates at the park, with nothing but low E and conversations and a few sprints just to keep it real.

  3. Today's weather was not all bad for me, it may have help as it encouraged me to stay inside, and I hit some real good sleep, the kind one can only get when the house is completely empty. My legs are hurting in a very strange way, not sure what to make of it. If my legs feel better Sunday (tomorrow) I will hit some sprints on our low E ride if they are still hurting I will most likely sit them out.