Sunday, March 1, 2009

From Snow to Snow

After a wonderful day of travel (Frak United Airlines) I am back in the Burg. My hematocrit level is naturally elevated from time spent at altitude and the muscle tension drills hopefully will payoff in strength gained. Now I have a few questions for the Blog Meister (whoever that may be). It seems in my absence that the style and formatting of blogs has become widely divergent and difficult to follow. Some have gone renegade, some are just whiley and some are just cyclo. Hopefully we can have a summit meeting and publish a general rule for posts and formatting. Otherwise I am back to Now where did I put that snow shovel?


  1. I'm finding it quite difficult to track riders and some are not even doing it. As a coach, there should be some unification for the site. I'm concerned that people visiting the site are going to be confused as to how to find info. Also, can we delete dated headings please. You have to do your own.

  2. Since max length of archiving is monthly, we're going to have to make headings for our individual training logs each month (note the format for my new March thread). That way you can find them easily over on the right hand side. If you want to check something out from a previous month just click on that month and scroll through to find the post/comment you want.

    With master edit rights I can delete any posts and associated comments. So maybe we can establish a policy whereby all admin/coordinating posts get deleted after they cease to be relevant. I'm happy to do that. Let me know what you guys think...I wholeheartedly agree we need defined structure or we'll just be lost on the site!

  3. Sounds good to me, I will back-date my log to February, so the comments aren't carried over, and then move my March entries to a new post for this month.

    I like adding my most recent entry to the top of the post, instead of to the comments, though. Readers can quickly find the most recent post, the posts are clearly separated from the comments, and there is much less scrolling involved.

    We may even want to look at doing new posts each week, so as to keep the post length shorter, 20 workouts in one post is pretty long, but 5 in one post is manageable. They could be titled by Week # from the plan, like "Week 13", etc. and then the user name.

    Just my $0.02, I will follow whatever final guidelines are decided upon.