Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ride This Sunday

I'm trying to schedule a fun, FAST ride for this Sunday. My wife is out of town for several days and I'm with the girls for that time alone. If I can get the baby-sitter I'd love to do a 2-2.5 hour ride. You all can still do it either way.

My ride idea is a mixture of attacking, KOM, and rapid paceline work. This ride will be a "Nobody gets dropped ride", which simply means that at every turn within the ride we rally up and get started together. Even being in the mix for parts of the ride helps your ability to read races.


  1. 100 miles west of Philly for me tomorrow. 9000 ft of el in rolling to foothills.

  2. For a fast ride, we meet at the shop at high noon. 12

  3. High noon, sounds like something out of an old western film boss . . . .