Monday, August 3, 2009

Jordan's Training and Racing

August 24th

Haven't had nearly as much time to blog now that I'm doing 4 preps for classes - English 11, English 12, Creative Writing, and Personal Finance. Figure it would be smarter spending what little free time I do have riding.

To that end, I have been spending a LOT of time on the MTB (some of you guys might have raced at Holliday Lake, that's in my neck of the woods) in prep for filming this weekend, and for general enjoyment. As I get more comfortable on the bike and learn a few things (e.g., while we like to cut the corner on the road, it's frequently better to swing wide on the trail) - most of it is probably super basic to you former MTBers, but for me it's all new stuff. Im learning, to be sure, and I've come to accept that falling off/over is just a given when trying something new.

Anyway, it's been great, I'm either in the red on a steep climb or going downhill. I'm seeing heart rates that I seldom see during the road season, so that is a good thing. Most of all it's getting to be FUN!

August 2nd

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The PLT on Wheat #3 was, as usual, a humid affair. I've never had my socks so wet on a non-trainer ride before. Thanks must go out to Jeff for helping me get set up when I arrived, and to Jinksy for the cold soda after the racing was done.

I felt much better this week than last (which was the worst I've felt in a TT in my life), but my time was only 33 seconds faster. Last week, I missed 2nd place by 2 seconds. This week, I missed 5th by 4 seconds - to the same guy. When it's 4 seconds, your mind just races with all the little things you could have done - I mean literally if I had just ridden 0.1 mph faster for the last mile, that would have done it. One could go insane thinking about it.

The competition in the 35-39 age group was super-strong - the new course record setter, the second fastest course time, Gene Rutledge (who is always good for a sub 50 min ride), and a few others. Surprise of the day was Mike Hosang, who took about a minute off last week's time and further increased his lead in the BAR.

This season definitely had a more defined "peak" than any previous year, which was good (because when I was peaking, I was setting new PRs). Once I realized that I had a definite racing peak, it helped put the last 3 weeks (where things have not been as awesome as they were in June) of racing into perspective for me.

This has been my first full season with the team and I must have to say I have loved being a part of it. Having all of you guys to offer encouragement, evaluating the races, debriefing each other (now don't get dirty, guys) - it has made the 6 months of training and 4 months of racing not just bearable but downright fun and exciting. Thanks guys!


  1. How about a hug! We're thankful to have such a great guy on board. How about a big Cat 4 race sendoff at the Chesapeake. Jordan, Ken, Jack, Joe, Steve(he can double!). That would be a real fun time!-to watch. Greg and I'll be representing the 123(It's only 80min)

  2. I think 5 of us in the Cat 4 race would be awesome, and well worth a 3-hour drive. What say we all? I will bring a cooler of beer, too.

  3. With that many BWR guys in a race there is bound to be some time with the podium girls . . . . !

  4. Have been suffering from headaches for the last 3 days. Thought it might be dehydration, but I have been drinking plenty of liquid and they still pop up here and there. Feels more like sinus, maybe my allergies are kicking up.

    Aerobic fitness is still good, but the top end is falling off like loose rocks on a cliff. Re-thinking the Chesapeake Crit. Will play it by ear and see how I am feeling on Wednesday before the 4:00 PM cutoff. There's a lot I need to do before school starts on Monday.

  5. How are the headaches? Good luck with the start of the school year.

  6. Dirt is the path to the dark side, turn away before it is too late!