Monday, August 3, 2009


Another great photo by Joe's wife. Thanks!!!

Sunday brought forth five pain-seeking TTers from the team. The VA State Championship TT was down in Chesapeake for the 2nd weekend in a row. After not even getting actual start times and waiting for 3 hours for results(mine are still pending) we did our best to blister the course. The high moment of the racing year for me came when Steve earned a much deserved State Championship for the 50+ age class. It could not be a better thing for us all. Congrats to Jordan for his continuing to rank as a 30+ rival and podium finisher in that BAR. Jinksy finished with air in both wheels, but none in the lungs. I've never seen YoungGun a deeper shade of red, which meant he left everything out on course.

The course was the same one we always use(though I'd love to do it in reverse sometime). The wind down there swirls and today was no different. It was much stronger than last week, so the riders who can really push the High power numbers will make out well. Sections 1-4,6 had the most head to side wind. As a last minute stress, I decided to put on a 54 ring in hopes of finding a better ratio for my type of riding. For most of the entire half I had the same gearing and speeds 25.5(avg). That's not where my abilities take me. Still too many fast-twitch muscles to be a great TTer. Finally, I got a bit of power going on section 5-Bunch-O-Walnuts RD. I also got the speeds up to 28 at the start of the last section and to 31mph on the final 3 miles(I was in the 54x11). My minute man from behind caught me in that final 3 miles and he was so solid. I know that I rode that race smarter than I've done before. I captured my second fastest time ever, 21 seconds slower than last week. Well that concludes my TTing for the year. Still fun to ham it up with the BWR boys.


  1. I snuck in a run when all three girls fell asleep. 30 minutes of a slow jog. Had to do something and it felt like the 1st time running. I should have all that worked out by cyclocross season in 6 weeks.

  2. I was just analyzing my TT results for the year and tried to make some sense of it all. I reckon the three PLTs will do for evaluation purposes. There was about 8 weeks between the three TTs, with the last two back-to-back. If you want to talk about consistency this is it boys. All three 37k TTs were done within 33 seconds of each other. I conducted 2 personal bests within that grouping.

    Given the fact that the weather down there is as different as flavors of Capri Sun, it is quite interesting that all of my rides came out so close. Now if I take perceived exertion, my slowest time would have been my hardest and the last one second. This points to two things. First, the heavier the winds, the more I have to rely on sheer force(something my fast twitch self ain't got much of). Second, the more tired I come into these things, the more effort to do the same basic speed.

    Now what? I will continue to work on my aerodynamic position. If this is a priority event, make sure not to show up heavy(tired). Finally, do more crits!!!

  3. Is it necessary to do a cool down after a ride?

  4. I broke out that road bike thingy and actually rode on the road!!! I did 2 hours at quite a fast pace and felt great the entire time. The slow twitch muscles are really back and I'm having real problems sprinting back up to speed right now("et tu fast twitch!"). The Ches will be a crap-shoot, but I'm definitely excited. The talent will be there in full-force for certain. Steve/Jeff, you want to work pit crew for that one? I'm glad it will be my last until the cross season.

  5. Sorry Boss, heading on Vacation this Friday, if not for that you know I would be there.
    Good Luck!!

  6. I think I may be an Addict ... I need something to keep me motivated.

  7. I saved my best performance of the year for the last race. Here is how you do a special race. Fast for a day and a half, have a colonoscopy three days out, go water-skiing, kayaking, and too many golden bevs a day out. Then show up for the State Championship Crit. That is how it's done. The 30+ field was more stacked than I've ever seen. Battley Harley, Evolution(for Ted Michals Omnium bid), Saroff, Atlantic, etc. Too many riders need to pre-reg.

    The race started of a bit slower than the 123 races, but a few moves were hitting off the front. In the 45 min race, the first third was more like just sampleing the others, so I did the surprise. I attacked into the head wind with about 12 laps to go. I picked a pace that was hot, but long-lasting. I heard a few guys earlier talking about waiting a bit before attacking. I wanted to already be out there. They never came, but the crowd(including Ruth-the MC) was yelling and cheering me through the grandstand area each lap and I opened the gap up to 22 secs. With 5 to go I though that I would win a solo championship and pushed harder(about 26.5). They caught me in the LAST LAP(led by the Saroff guy who is the World Master's pursuit champ for masters-Grant Soma). I jumped on as they came ripping toward the finish and was QUITE bitter, so I tried to see if I could activate the fast twitch. Got 12th overall and 8th in my 35+ class. Certainly having Jack there to cheer for me and give me splits was amazingly helpful.

    I now know that I'm good with this training plan well into mid Aug. I'd go it again that early and someday it might stick. I'm not going to stop trying. The pictures from the video they were making or from PabloPictures should tell the story better than my tired fingers are. Fun day for sure.

    Jack and Joe's race reports should be great reads, so check out their races.

  8. TOOO Tire-d TWO CHEK four typoz.

  9. Hooty Hoo! Great effort, wish I was there to see it. Your never too old to rock and roll!

  10. Awesome job Bill! It sounded like you really made an impression on that field! Wish I could have been there to see it! Instead I was stuck inside doing curriculum preps for 11th and 12th grade English.

  11. I went for another run today(35min). The pace is quite slow, but I almost have to do that in order to get the time in(similar to an E, but much more taxing). The scenery does not change very quickly, which makes things drag on. Even with music. My new shoes are fantastic, but not entirely broken in yet. Boy I feel the effects of my run in the abs.

    This evening I'm meeting Mike to do some cyclocross riding. Yes, I'm doing the double, 'cause my wife leaves for 5 days tomorrow. Not much will get done unless I $ a babysitter to get out for 2 hours-Not a bad idea!

    Fisher Road Bike??!!!

  12. Just finished an hour crossing with the Jinks. We reestablished a course while riding easily for two laps. We picked it up to about 70% for the 3rd lap and finally 90% on the 5th and sections of the 5th lap.

    The course offered three barrier sections, two run-ups, a creek crossing, more big gear grassy-off cambered sections, and a whole bunch of whooping and hallerin' all over. This ride will make you STRONG in muscle tension, challenge the Vo2max, and teach technical skills beyond imagination. Yummy!

  13. In reference to the Chesapeake State Championship race on Sunday, let me inform you that I arrived tardy due to the heavy weekend traffic. It took me approximately 3.5 hours to arrive.
    Once there, I began to warm up on the rollers for about 15 minutes. As I got to the exit I noticed I was toward the end but then during the second lap I was able to push forward.
    The laps were very fast but the field wasn't dangerous, which gave me more confidence in riding. Someone was able to escape for various rounds but finally we were able to catch up.
    During one of the rounds I tried to escape but it wasn't possible. With just one round left, I was passed by 3 riders but I was able to stay right behind not allowing anyone else to pass me. During the last curve to reach the finish line I was able to maintain steady on someone's wheel and with 50 meters remaining I exited to the left coming in 2nd place.
    I was very happy and satisfied with my performance. I want to thank Bill and Jack, who stayed to support and cheer me on.
    It is a great honor for me to be part of the team.