Monday, August 31, 2009

Front row at the USPRO

Had the chance to pilot the Mavic support bike at the USPRO road championship! Was Moto 2 this year, which meant I was to cover all breaks or moves off the front. Talk about your front row action. Followed Zabriskie on his solo break, dude is an animal. Was there with our newest US citizen Ivan Dominguez as he tried to bridge over to the break. He ran out of gas. Feet away when Mike Friedman, last man on a breakaway train of 14, hit the ground so hard his glasses were flying (he chased back on). And ultimately along side the 8 man group that made it to the finish with George and 2 others (Bajadali and Louder) going for the winning sprint. I was so close to the action I thought I would be in the results.
In the pedals/on the foot pegs, Jinks

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  1. Is that you in the picture? That is awesome. Did you hand out any BikeWorks water bottles? I saw pictures of Friedman, he looked pretty banged up, how'd he go down? Good work Jinks!