Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jeff/August training

This week has been great, I dropped my bike off at the shop, so the rehabilitation has begun.
Frame headed back to the jig, handle bars wasted, front fork wasted, seat wasted, front wheel?, Shifter/rear derailleur? Helmet and shoe buckles. Now I bet your thinking where is the great week, here goes.
Mon. headed out with my MT bike for a flat 10 mile recovery ride, and it went very good.
Tue. 10 mile recovery ride with Wendy and Savannah, this was great because I was able to use the time to show Savannah how to flick a rider thru and pace line.
Wend. 20 mile low E 119avg HR 1hr/20min the effort felt harder then the HR showed, but compared to three weeks ago laid up in a recliner it was great.
Thru. slow 10 mile recovery ride, Friday rest day and If I feel good I'm shooting for a easy 2 hr ride on Saturday. Right now I feel like everything is on course for a fast recovery from this point on!


  1. Jeff,

    Great to hear things are improving. I have an extra set of ultegra 10 spd shifters. I look forward to riding with you soon.

    Great damn fall too. I know it hurts but, you took the blow to the beffiest part of your body. Stick an arm out and you woulda snapped bones.

    Next year you just gotta Cat up.

    See ya out thee. Let me know if I can help.


  2. Great news Jeff! You are the first to start on the 2010 training plan.

  3. Jeff you'll be back in no time . . . . . are you still in alot of physical pain?

  4. Not much pain unless I try to use my core, everything is a little tight and will take a little time to loosen up. But I did remain moving right after the fall, I was walking two miles a day, I believe that has helped a lot.
    I do listen closely to my body and if I feel anything other then normal expected stiffness I will back it off for more rest. At this point of the season it is more important to make sure I'm in good shape for the start of the training program for 2010

  5. Saturday was a nice 2hr low E ride, still on the MT bike I was trying to keep my HR at 120 bpm and as I hit the hills easy spin and hold my HR to 145 max, all went good except I keep making the same mistake. I have a bad habit of going on a ride and thinking I do not need to bring food, and by 1hr I was starving. I believe that the low E rides are in some ways harder on me; my body seems to not like the low E stuff.

  6. Mon- Tue some more FM miles each day covering 23 miles over 1.5hr keeping the HR avg. 120 and max. under 150 on the hills, considering I'm still ridding my MT. bike I feel pretty good with the results.17 MPH

  7. Jeff, hope to see you soon man . . . . . ! Really could have used your help in the state crit . . . . !

  8. Enjoying my vacation in Maine, spending some relaxing time on the lake and beaches. I’m spending about 1hr a day on the mountain bike riding the hilly terrain, the hills in this area are short but very steep, it reminds me of the 1min on 1min off intervals, or maybe I’m just that far out of shape. As I return back home next week I will need to grain some type of structure with my Diet and ridding as I start the rebuilding process. The Mountain biking looks tempting, but I’m not sure if I will be ready that type of training