Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Working Man's Experience

Three nights, three races, two categories! BikeWorks showed up at Bryan Park ,Richmond with racers for both cats. In the 4/5 races Ken & Jack were ready to show the BikeWorks logo, and Bill & myself were sloted in the P,1,2,3!

In the first night for the 4/5's Bill & I showed up to find the boys already racing. Jack on the front Ken tucked in nicely in about 5th. We didn't see them again til right after they crossed the line . Jack came home in the pack, Ken in what I thought was about 15th place > 6th ( I believe the frist cat 5) . Night Two & again the horses were on the track when we arrived. Both boys around the front as Bill & I warmed up near the course. In position to see the finish. Frist two in from a break. Pack next in a full out sprint our boy Ken right there. I'm sure he was 15th. > 8th in a sprint that if he had a longer landing strip quite possibly could have been a first !! Jack in with a strong pack finish. The third & last night had the lads in there usual spot at or need the front. ( Jack riding with one shoe flapping open from a early lap get off) . Again we stop our warm up to witness the last few laps. Two laps to go & are boys are storming the front. Ken takes the last prime, in what looked like a winning effort ( Ask Ken how he won the second to last lap) . Boys make it in for a third night in a row. How it all shook out . Ken finished 8th over all, Both Jack & Ken won primes, Jack when down once and was at the front in the next few laps. Both are boys are cat 5 riders ( not for long ). Super showing in the 4/5 races!!
More on the P,1,2,3 shortly...

In the P,1,2,3 was also three nights of throw down. The first night had us attacking the course in a clock wise fashion (the tougher of the two directions). The speed of this race was pushing the courses limit of containment for the first handful of laps. As we settled in the challenge of the race for me began to be the drag race up the hill. Bill seemed to be tolerating this much better than I and about half way through I was forced to take a free lap. It was this or the bench. The good news was after getting back in I felt 100% better. Able to complete all but that one free lap. Was able to witness Bill at the front in the late stages of this one. End of night one Bill and I both in with the pack.

The second night switched directions still plenty of speed. The whole thing felt a lot easier this night. Bill experiencing mechanical problems (bike stopped shifting) was forced to take a true free lap. Unable to resolve the issue, raced the last 10 or so laps as a single speed. Again both in with the pack, although this time I believe I was closer to the front than the back.

Night 3 and they saved the best for last. A modified course in the tougher of the two directions with a 120 degree turn thrown in for a real separation. This course took victims Cat 3 and pro alike. For me some 15 laps in (of 27) and my card was punched. There were a good amount of riders already watching by this time. Bill was not only able to hang the whole way but was able to ride in what appeared to be 15th to 20th place finish.

In the pedals, Jinks


  1. Thanks Jinks, it was awesome having mate's cheering us on.

  2. Great job to all!!! I'm still here and very focused on the up coming races!!!

  3. Great job wearing the colors, boys! We were watching you all each day and not even warming up for ours. Exciting!

  4. Great job to all!! Ken & Jak, I can't wait to race with you,gays again.

  5. Hey Jose, who you calling gay!!!

  6. Im sorry guys thats my mistake next time Ill write in spanish.What I ment was guys not gays.

  7. My Internet is down and I'm not too good with the iPhone so I'll be posting again soon guys.