Monday, June 1, 2009

June for Jinks

The Bryan Park circuit race brought BikeWorks out in force. Cat 5 had Ken taking second and with that the man to be for the rest of the day!! Image the joy of instead of going through the in's & out's of what happen to you in the race you just have to say second . How you do today, second. Phone call to the wife , second. Going up and checking posted finish, still second!!
Cat 4 was BikeWorks most attend with Jeff, Jordan ,& Steve in the mix. This was probably BikeWorks most dominate presence. The boys were at or on the front for the whole race . The finale execution of the race plan didn't come off has hoped. Just being there at the end to try something is more than half the battle . I would take those odds every time and sooner than late good things will happen !
The 1,2,3 was left to Bill & myself. This was a fast affair, with some 70 of us all willing to race in a park that I believe was intended for nature walks! The striking features of this was the speed,which I suppose in a race is expected. The closeness of your neighbor and the consideration needed to the course itself! For me I wouldn't say I didn't have it today, more like I didn't bring enough of it !! Felt like I had settled into a bit of a" Can fly zone" but was still concerned with the numerous rocket attacks going on at the front? I was left to fate with about 8 to go. There where two back to back hard efforts and before I could kiss the bride the train was out of the station ! No catching that train. Bill on the hand faired much better. Able to stay in the mix and to the front in the later stages. Until one to go Bill was trailing more to the back but was able to pull off his now infamous last lap shuffle sliding up the field into a seemingly top 15 pl finish. Great result went you look at just how many didn't make it in !!

In The Pedals Jinks


  1. Jinks you coming to the training race tomorrow?

  2. Jinks, heard that you had another flat in the TT. What kind of wafer thin tires you running? It seems you have been snakebit at least a couple of times now. Let's hope you are now pre-disastered.

  3. Is it still June.
    Been a while, but I'm still on the bike . Just finished the frist night of working mans. Bill & myself in the 1,2,3 race. For me this is definitly the top rung of my fittness ladder. Tonight the ladder may have been just one step to tall. Race started off fast, contiue fast, and got fast at the end. About 12lps in had to use a free lap. This would have been completely legal if I had a flap,been in crash,acceptable "mishap". Lungs in throat not acceptable. Took one anyway, it was that or watch from the side as the only paying customer. Still happy to have rode every one but one lap. Felt so much better after sitting one out!!
    In the Pedals Jinks