Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jeff /June racing/ training

Ride Sally, Cat 4-5 35+was just that I took one look at the teams and how well they were represented and my first though was there will be a break that suvies.75 riders leave the line a few two man breaks go, nothing to worry about as we reeled them in. at lab 7 five got away secured their gap and started their rotation. I sat tight and watched at least 4 riders attempt to bridge and all of them were cracking half way there, the big teams were in the break and not interested in chasing, So now I know what I must do , (Go To IT) surprise hard jump to make sure I don't bring unwanted baggage settle in for a long bridge, crossed with out any problem, settled in with the rotation after about 6 labs the break was self destructing and it was down to me and one other rider, we agreed to wait and try again latter. Some Dum A$$$ ridding from some A$$$ started a chain reaction of bikes falling over( to put it mildly) A rider swerved in to me and pushed me hard right as we entered a left hand turn, I had to ride a 180 in order to stay upright. Now guess what, off the back time to chase 1.5 laps latter back on. grab some rest sitting in as the laps are falling of faster then I can keep up with, it’s time to look alive 6 to go and there it went 3 riders off the front and 3 more starting to bridge, but not with out me I'm on it, we all settled in, all is looking good, but the riders are starting to drop off, its down to me and one other rider two man break and I would not give up. another rider crossed the gap as he went to the front I heard him say “see if he can hold this wheel” as he jacked the pace with only one lap to go both of the riders in the break sat up and motioned me thru, that is when I realized they were trying to drop me. And were not going to the line in a sprint with me, Man only one lap short of a break away finishes the pack absorbed me and I held on with a 23rd out of 75.
Race points I was in 2 break a-ways, had to bridge back to the pack.
How fast 20 miles under 46 min arvg. Speed 26mph


  1. Man, great show! Now you know what it is to be off the front. Great lessons about teamwork and quality riding as well. It's really awesome that you are not a participant, but a player! Cheers

  2. Jeff hope to catch up with you soon man . . . !

  3. Awesome job Jeff! Sounds like you were the strong man there, no wonder they didn't want to tow you to the line, you would have kicked their posteriors!

    Hey - you have a partner yet for the Smithfield TTT? If you are already taken or not going to race, Jack has expressed interest as well.

  4. Amph. Crit, swimming with the fish, slow rain heavy down pours and as the race went on clearing skies, a little bit of everything.
    With the wet cond., the race started out on the slow side but got faster as the race went on, my goal was to stay mid to front of the pack and shoot for a top 10. There were a few breaks but there was always someone ready to real them in, so I stuck to my plan and in the end was able to grab my 10th place. This was another break thru for me. I met one of my goals (a top 10) and I did it in the rain, not my ideal racing cond. the next day PLT#1 after the week of training Bill laid out for us and yesterdays Crit, I was not so sure about the PLT I was really feeling tired, I just put my head down and off I went. During the TT my heart rate stayed under 170 and the avrg was 164 on the low side for me. I guess it was a refection of how beat down I was. At the end I was about 1min faster then my best time, still no where near the speed of Diesel STEVE or Big eng. Jordan. But with everyone’s help I am still moving forward. On the PB for TT, looking at my Times I have shaved at least 1 and sometimes 2 min every time I TT. If I can only keep up the improvements, maybe by the end of next year I will be a competitive TT?
    This week, The Stony Creek TT I have another goal last years time was1hr 4 min, my goal this year is less than 1 hr. I need to shave 4+ min. I feel good I had A nice long week of recovery READY, SET, 5 seconds. GO!!!

  5. State TT a bit of a disappointment for me, I went out to hard AGAIN!! and had to slug my way back hurting pretty bad! Over all 9th place, but I missed my Goal by just over 3mins.
    On the up side I did shave over 1 min off of last years time. Steve I forgot you words of wisdom (“easy, easy, right there" )At the PLT I will redeem.