Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ben's June Training - Racing

June 30 - 3X3X3 VO2 Max, ugh. No battery on garmin, It is just me, my bike and my IPOD. I've got a 3 min int playlist. I blast off, and cross paths with a Rostello (sp?) rider. I abbreviate that loop and pull in about a mile back. Now I got a rabbit to chase on my intervals, very bennificial. I'm friggin tore up from the floor up. No work out tomorrow, but I do hit the gym with Joe.

June 29 I need a power meter. HR is lagging. PE was at an 8.5, HR was at 65%. 10 minutes into a 25 minute LT (which I wanted to do above my TT effort) my effort pays dividends, speed, HR and effort line up. Five minute rest, 25 more at LT. The effort proved to be unsustainable but, I stay in LT.

June 2 Recovering from a pretty good Bryan Park Cicuit on Monday lead to a terrible LT workout Tuesday. I had thought I bonked due to lack of preride nutririon and low fluids. I got one and two in the bag but it was extreemly hard to get HR up and hold effort. Three I began to fall off but, did manage low LT high Tempo, # four was aweful.

June 3 Wednesday - 3X3 VO2 MAx - I head out to the park hit the top of the hill and see Bill and Steve's vehicles. As I roll out, here they come. It is always good to see you guys during a workout, very motivating. I tend to work harder if I convince myself you guys are watching what I'm doing. Three minutes doesnt seem so bad after all the longer LT work. The high intensity was brutal though. After the first two reps, Jeff rolls by. We begin to chat, then the computer tells me, "Heart Rate to low." Gotta go , sorry Jeff, I'm sure you understand. Third one in the bag feeling it deep but, hit the HR target. Catch back up with Jeff, then the damn computer goes off agin, I bolt, two and a half minutes into it I realize it was the start of my last spin down. Damn. The ride home was brutal.Bring on the compresion tights!!!!! Oh yea, my previous bonk, may have been fatigue. Steve, Bill and Jeff all had similar LT workouts on Tuesday. Bring on the Hill Sprints.


  1. June 6 Massaponax ride with Jose and Scott, missing Gus and Jumpin Jack Rabbit Flash. I have a couple goals for this ride in mind, make up for missing hill intervals by not letting Jose drop me on the hills and take a few power pulls in LT.

    Mission accomplished. The hills were tough but, I am working on changing my cadence, keeping it 10-20 rpm higher, seemed to work. Second, a couple of power pulls - check. Jose seems most comfortable when he is in the steady cadence, pull till they drop. I traded pulls with him, quite a few into a mild headwind. Overall, a great 46 mile ride with lots of high intensity value, a broken Shimano chain ( going with Sachs) and a couple washed out roads.

    Sunday shuld be a long easy ride but, Jack wants to hook up. I can't do an easy ride with Jack. I'm not sure why, I think it is the youth factor.

  2. OK, a cath up. This week's work was brutal. I couldn't get out Wednesday so, I did my 3X3s AND 2X25s Thursday. Friday was complete rest. Friday night, I'm hydrating, I drink lemon juice in my water. My son cooked tuna the night before and left the lemon juice out (unbeknownst to me). I end up with a minor case of the pre-race squirts. I slept through my alarm, missed the 40+ but made the Cat 4.

  3. AMPHIBIOUS means AMPHIBIOUS. Gills woulda come in handy. That said, I loved the course modification. My role today was to keep it togather for our two sprinters. Jeff mentioned he was hanging in for the ride due to TT. I went to the front and pretty much stayed there. There were three decent attempts to go off the front. I was in one and pulled the field up to the other two. The last one was team Frog with a concerted effort to get a couple guys off as the other three or four blocked. I busted that up, came around for the bell. Protected AAB's sprinter through the S curve, then backed to the rear coming out of the last turn. All in all, I was very pleased with my performance, just a little disapointed with my placing.

    Bottom line; the work is paying off. I feel strong as ever and, it is showing in the races. I had a 24.7 avg in a rain drenched reverse B one mile course.

  4. Shelly suffered a set back on Saturday, thus the DNS at PLT. I devoted myself to being by her side for the next four days. Found out it was a fairly common post op infection. About 4 hours after her first antibiotic, presto-chango, she felt a million times better and I was off for a long E ride! Got another in today with some INTENSE hill sprints. Signed up for the State Crit on Saturday. See ya down there Jordan. Please, let's work out a plan that doesn't include you jacking the pace out of the 180 turn. I'll be happy to work with ya. So far, there aren't any other AAB or BWR. Give me a shout.

  5. Did you recieve my e-mails? I'll try to send again

  6. OK, back to the blog.

    Work is getting crazy. I must break them in to the mindset - 1030 - 1300 is for workouts. This is not as easy ass it has been, seeing that Bill's workouts all seem to run 2 - 3 hours now. Before I could get away with an hour and a half. Oh well, it is your tax dollars well spent.

    Got my new workout plan last Wednesday. I had already decided to do longer, higher intensity LT work. I want to bring down that TT time. 1:04:28 was within short term goal but, not sub hour. I WILl get sub hour (or 24.4 avg on PLT #3). I do not feel that a few aewro tubes or even a disk rear wheel can save a 6"4" 222 lb guy more than a few seconds. That said, it deffinately isn't cost effective. However, if anyone wants to loan me a rear disk, I would gladdly use it.

    The training week; Tuesday I rode 1.5 hours on and off base. Did mostly tempo then went up Owens hill in LT a couple times. Wednesday I went ballistic on base for two 8.5 mile laps at high LT. I had a 1300 meeting and needed to maximize my time:effort. I had an avg speed around 22 mph with HR at 85% - 90%. Thursday was a wash. Friday I rode low E to the Y and lifted w/son. When your 21 yo wants to do something togather (other than drink) you say yes. Saturday was an awesome ride. I headed up to Quantico to ride with some old friends. We aimed to hit every hill as hard as possible. I just put the drop bars back on the Tet and had left the HED (not Zipp) wheels to see how it felt. A mile or so, into the ride the real wheel goes flat on a downhill at 35+. Thanks MTB years. I weight the front, brack, slow down and think, "this is gonna suck, glueing on a cheap spare (at least I knew to bring it)." 15 minutes later, we're headed into the back gate and smashing big gears through the rollers. My HR isn't coming up to where I expect it, I write it off to improper warm up and keep rolling. We headed straight down to the east side and I hit all the hills, EWTG is about 18% grade, Water tower goes for ever, up through housing, feeling good. I realized TT gears are not conducive to climbing but, I kept hammering. As we crossed back over to the east side, we took a right turn after the 95 overpass. This climb starts at 18% and goes to 22% then back to about 8 -9% up to the cemetary. There was a great switchback about half way up. I left Charles in the dust nad hammered my 39:23 out of the saddle and pulling against every stroke. Whew, HR finally jumped up to where I thought it should be. As we rolled back down and headed up the climb into the other side of the base;.... POW! sssssssht. Another friggin flat. I tore the sidewall taking the turn and rolled over a sharp piece of gravel. Now I transition into a duathalon. As I begin walking, Charles (who is nearly bonked and completely gassed) heads to teh parking lot to get my truck. I know the drill, unfortunately, take off helmet, hang it on handlebars, take off shoes and socks, begin hike. Two blisters later, I decide to wait for Charles at the gate. All in all, it wasn't a bad ride. I hit my work out goals except for time in saddle. I got to catch up with some old buddies. I got home by 11:00. And, I went fro a little over a mile and a half walk later with my bride. She's getting stronger every day.

    Great job to J&J racing on thier 1st place Mercks. Way to go Old Men on a fith(?) place 1:05. You guys would definately contend if you practiced once or twice and Bill hadn't raced about a thousanbd times this month. I'm registering for the Giro de Coppi so that I can race with Jeff and Ken. I gotta get me some Bike Work socks as an guest member of BWR.

  7. Should I change up the training schedule for your schedule? Man, sounds like a bunch of intensity compaired to the E ratio. Don't dig a hole on me here.

    A disk like the HED would be even more worth the $$ when you hear 2 min. in that wind. Aero booties is about 30 sec for $20 and TT helmet is 45 sec. for $145. Ask Steve, you can buy speed and everyone else is doing it, which is why every cat 5 has a $5500 rig.

    You did get my e-mail last week!!!Finally