Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scott - June

Sat 5/30 - Pulled my damn back and spent the rest of the day wondering why my bedroom ceiling fan has 4 blades and my family room has 5 blades. Missed the race Sun and spent most of the time jamming my thumb between my ribs to stop the spasm and breathe - happy birthday.

* MHR=193, Z1 116-125, Z2 125-135, Z3 135-154, Z4 154-164, Z5 165+

Thu 6/4 - 1 Hr Z2 on the trainer.

Fri 6/5 - 1 Hr Z2 on trainer.

Sat 6/6 - Massaponex ride with Ben & Jose "El Gato" (as he bats me around on the hills like a cat toying with a mouse). In true Ben fashion, he dashed my hopes of a warm-up by going off the front within 3 minutes. I bridged up with El Gato in tow (cat chasing mouse he knows he can catch) - joined by Bill from Bike Fred and the 4 of us stayed away and rode hard. Hung for 40, then Bill and I got dropped and paired for last 7. I love my bike!

Sun 6/7 - 1 Hr Z2, stretching the leggs out for Richmond

Mon 6/8 - No time, trvl for work. Good guys 1, bad guys 0 - Inshalla

Tue 6/9 - Used 2 hours of vacation time, reserved the family car a week ago and drove down to Bryan park. Trng race cancelled at 1715, as I sat in the rain in the parking lot.
30 Min Intervals on trainer, 20 sec max, 40 sec rest x 5, 4 sets

Wed 6/10 - from Scotland out today and friends/German family in. Managed another 30 min interval thrash before doorbell rang.

Thu 6/11 - Off

Fri 6/12 - 1 hr Z4. resisted the urge to do interval work for tomorrow's ride.

Sat 6/13 - Massaponex ride - thank Goodness Gus showed up. Had a great ride. Some very nice up & off pulls, 5 sec pulls and feel like I'm riding the hills much better. Great day, great burn, bring it.

Sun 6/14 - Sun /21: In-laws over from across the pond and invited family down to the OBX. Surf Camp with my older son, who was on his feet everytime I looked! Although I spent quite a bit of time on a commercial gill-netter in high-school and can tell the difference between a dolphin and a shark, a black fin in the water still freaks me out! Brough the bike and still managed:
Tue 1 Hr Z4
Thu 1.5 Hr Z4 with terrible head-wind. A real slog-fest.

Mon 6/22 - 6/26: Sweep week in PG County, meaning 0330-1800 daily. Ouch. Dragged myself onto teh trainer on Thu for an Hr. Good guys 35, bad guys 0.

Sat 6/27 - glad those 2 weeks are over. Back on schedule.
1 Hr Z4 with interval 10 sec max effort, 50 sec recovery x 10

Sun 6/28 - 1.5 Hr Z4 with interval 20 sec max effort and 2-3 min recovery x 8

Mon 6/29 - 1 Hr Z4

Tue 6/30 - Bryan Park. Off the back, picked it up next lap and pack finish. Come on intervals!

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