Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scott May Training

I'm in Toronto with a little computer time, so I caught up on my April log entries and will get May filled out to date. Hope BW is riding Sunday; I could use a group ride!
* MHR=193, Z1 116-125, Z2 125-135, Z3 135-154, Z4 154-164, Z5 165+

Fri 5/1 - 1 Hr Z3, 10 x 10 sec sprints

Sat 5/2 - Travelled back from Louisiana

Sun 5/3 - Both my boys ran the F-Berg Train road race so I supported them and ran with my 6 yo. Ummm....I was supposed to get in a workout. My wife woke me up at a red-light (I was driving) so I took the day off.

Mon 5/4 - 1 Hr Z3

Tue 5/5 - 30 min Z1 recovery ride

Wed 5/6 - Trvl/long work day to Toronto

Thu 5/7 - No bike. 30 min on the elliptical and 30 min circuit x-fit trng

Fri 5/8 - Trvl day and late night

Sat 5/9 - Back in VA! No Opera sized seats on gym bikes or trainers. Felt great to be outside. I Hr Z3/Z4 17.8 MPH avg.

Sun 5/10 - 1 Hr Z4

Mon 5/11 - cycle day off & pouring out. Did 8 2 min rounds on the bag, with 8 X 2 min jump rope and upper body in the gym.

Tue 5/12 - 1 Hr Z2, then 10 x 10 sec sprints over 15 min

Wed 5/13 - 1 Hr 20 min Z4 with 6 x 20 sec jump/sprints

Sat 5/16 - Finished my 7 week program and need to add speed/jump work. It's easy to talk yourself into and hence out of something, so I consulted my friend Obi Won Jamie who advised Intervals: "My favorite is 10 seconds on, 10 seconds break, repeat until you puke. " So:
1 Hr 30 min in Z5 (169 avg) with 3 sets of 5 reps: 10 seconds max effort with 10 seconds recovery. Just for the record, if you burp up bile and swallow it - it's not puking. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Sun 5/17 - 1 1/2 hr Z4. 2 sets of 4. Max for 20, few min in between.

Mon 5/18 - 1 Hr CTS Sprinting session. Ouch.

Tue 5/19 1 Hr recovery spin.

Wed 5/20 - cycle day off. need it.

Thu 5/21 - 1 Hr Z 2 with 12, 10 second intervals. 10 sec max effort, 1:50 recovery spin and max effort again.

Fri 5/22 - 1 Hr 30 min. Zone 4. I think I just moved from "You Suck" to "Showing improvement." I kicked it up a hill which usually hits me back and then threw in more intervals - 1 set of 5, 10 sec on, 10 sec recovery. then 10 sec max effort with 1:50 recovery for 6 reps. Strong ride.

Sat 5/23 - 1 Hr Z2. Training is paying off. kicked that hill again. Tried a set of 6 20 sec intervals. fading towards the end, but felt good.

Sun 5/24 - Made the Sunday Massaponex ride. Jack was up North and Ben was tending to his family. Saw Gus and Joe. Hit it harder than expected. Stayed out in front and bridged every break. Got dropped on one hill, but fought hard. It was nice to be the guy at the gas station relaxing in the shade for the group to come in.

Mon 5/25 - cycle day off. Visitors from the UK. Day off.

Tue 5/26 - OK - So, I'm readier (not, ready). First time at Bryan Park. Picked the wrong wheel several times and got blown off the back on lap #8. Squirrel kid popped a foot left, sent one rider on the soft shoulder and I fatally tapped my brake to avoid a mess. Gone. Managed 4 laps with another rider, he faded and I wholeheartedly (foolishly) tried my best for the last 3 laps solo. I had a great Fri, Sat & Sun. Started with very heavy legs. Just registered for the race on Sunday. Pain is weakness leaving the body....

Wed 5/27 - Recvoery spin. 30 min only Z2

Thu 5/28 - Rest day.


  1. Scott if no one is riding tomorrow Ben and I will be at the massaponax church rd ride at 9 . . . .

  2. Jack - sorry. just logged in now to post today's ride and saw your entry. will track Sun ride through mothers day weekend blog