Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RFK Race

Will be heading up to D.C. on Sunday to race at RFK. Is anyone else up for this. Jeff & I have already signed up ?


  1. I actually don't think anyone is in town or is a Cat 5(full).

  2. Good luck boys! Give 'em the hard steel!

  3. We headed up to RFK stadium. BikeWorks would be myself, Jeff & his daugther Savannah on the day . Savannah raced the 10-14 yr juniors. Frist race in a pack for her. Had to resist calling out all my racing wisdom each time she past by and just let her do her thing! Third out of eight. Medal, flowers, podium !! I believe there will be pictures on Hubracing.
    Jeff & I lined up for what look to be another literally "Mass Start", 81 rider. The course was a interesting one of 1.7 miles, about nine turns (if you count them all) two of those were 180's, strong head wind on the back stretch and dead flat. The nuisance of this turn out to be the crowd in the corners!! The drafting of the pack was such that when the speed when to full as long as you got yourself a wheel things weren't so bad. The inevitable cluster in the corners as we when rigth to left and back again had my hands tingling from the death grip of being sure! Further up things surely could not be so uncivilized. I did venture to the front a few time where it became evident the company you keep is earned. there were a few face you could see later in the Pro 1,2 race . The real estate at or around 10 to 15th was at a premium. As we came down the back straight on the bell lap things where tight and fast! Someone took time to slap my leg a few times in a effort to try clear me, but seeing how I paid money to be here, I kept my nose in just the same. Last corner and the sprint was on. It was a big pack still and everyone fancied a shot at the line. Could see the victory salute go up from where I was but it seem like a lot of backsides between me and it! In the end was good for 29th & Jeff rolled in just behind in 39th. Good day of racing!!
    In The Pedals Jinks

  4. RFK,
    To stand on the sidelines watching Savanna in a pack hold her own and then some was quite stressful and very satisfying. I to had a hard time not yelling out all of jinks wisdom at her( for I don’t have any) I really enjoy watching her go for it, As the race unfolded it was apparent there were only five girls in contention out of a total of fifteen, what we did not know that two of them were in the 15-18 age group, All of them were on one team this made Savanna the BWR odd one out, and true to her form she hit them hard on the last lab into the head wind and almost pulled it off, she was able to recover and cross the line in 5th, later we found out that two of the girls were older.
    End result 3rd place medal ,podium and flowers. after the race I was talking to her, she was feeling down because she said “I almost won" I told her if she would have known the age of the other girls she would have been able to focus on the two she need to beat and she would have won. Her reply was "no I wouldn’t have because I would have went for it anyway and try to beat all of them" I said for that comment you did win!
    As for the 35+ tech. courses with some very good riders. She would get fast at times as only 51 out of 82 finished is the result of the relents pulls at the front from the 1-2 riders, I hung in there and move around but I was to easily convinced to surrender my position. I need to work on holding my own in the pack, but I gained more confidence with this race and I will soon have myself convinced that I do belong side by side with these guys. I was quite pleased with 39th for the field was loaded with 1-2s I know I can do better and I will!! For me the most important accomplishment of the race was I had no hand numbness. Do to being more comfortable in a large pack or my core work kicking in. either way A positive.