Sunday, May 3, 2009


Saturday 5-2-09,
I had some work schedule for Sunday, so Saturday morning I started off from my house with the goal of a 3hr ride and just to keep it interesting I mixed in some good efforts. No racing for me this weekend so I felt like mashing the pedals a little would keep me in check. The ride went great I believe this has been my best ride this year 3hr total over 1800 cal. just to give an ideal of the intensity. I recover fast and ready for this weeks program.


  1. Jeff hope to see you next weekend man!

  2. Check you on Sunday Jeff.

  3. Rain go away, I found myself looking at the walls of my dungeon on Tuesday as I pushed 3 x 10min Lts on the TT bike, 85 rpm feel the legs burn!
    Wednesday looking like rain I don’t care I flipped my work outs so today I was looking for 2hr 20 min tempo the rest I would stay L E( legs have the indoor trainer feel!!)All was going fine an then the storm came in fast with hard down pours, more training for the wet races!
    Thursday would be rest for me, already knowing I would be off work on Friday. I move my bookends so I could put a good effort in and have plenty of time to recover,15 min warm up and then 10 min tempo and off to the races. The ride was great with some strong sprints at the closing of the B-E and to conclude another 10 min tempo, now I'm sipping on a smoothie with EX protein, how nice it is.

  4. Jeff what are you doing Mothers Day?

  5. Saturday, was an open the legs day, so I decided that would be a good day to go TT rig with Aero front and rear Disk, I needed to play with TT air pressure. I set my air and rolled away for some (just fun ridding) keeping the time to just over an hr and stayed at or below tempo HR rate. My rig felt nice and secure and really fast! (Maybe it was the tail wind)
    But I was satisfied with the results.

    Sunday I wished I had checked my page, so I offer Jack my apologies’ made the trip to the shop in hopes someone would show, Next time I will post. Dewey stopped by with his daughter as his was passing, we had a short Chat to try and catch up on missed time, after I headed out to get my 3hrs in, as I was focusing on easy spin at higher rpm I met a group of riders and our main man Dre, I joined Dre and the group and we had a nice ride as the group was returning Dre and I circled back to log more time. Great conversation as we rolled along just chatting about anything and to top off a great ride another rider tagged along for a few, our very own Young Gun! Seeing two team mates and riding on such a nice day made for a excellent ride.
    Dre summed it up when he said" I’m glad I road my bike and not my motorcycle”.

  6. Thanks for hooking me up Jeff . . . .

  7. Wednesday in the park Bill, Jinks, Jack, and I hit the hill sprints 3 sets of 3 they were power starts going up hill, really deep muscle work.Nice to ride with the Team!

    Thursday I hooked up with Greg and road with him for a few as he headed to the hill for his sprint work out, Ed rolled up we headed to the back of the park and had some nice race talk as we rolled thru 2 x 10 min tempos. Then nice easy spin on the flats as Ed attacked the hill with his sprints at the end 2 1/2 hr low E with 2 x10 min tempo.

  8. I lot of missed time on the blog. but to sum up my trainning, all is good, pretty mutch with the program I had a slight set back this week, whereI switch a DR ordered stess test with a work out, no felling much guilt on that one. Racing starting to pick up, two weeks ago we were at the kelly cup, a break got away and before I knew what happen I was pulled from the event with about 9 to go (live and learn)