Monday, May 18, 2009


So what are you thinking about for upcoming racing? So many choices so little skin!


  1. Here's Bill lists-subject to change.
    19 May Bryan Park A
    26 May Bryan Park A
    31 May Bryan Park Circuit 1,2,3
    6 June Ride Sally Ride 1,2,3
    13 June Amphibious Assault Criterium
    14 June PLT #1
    20 June Virginia Senior State Championship
    21 June VA State Senior TT Championships
    23-25 June Working Man's Classic Stage
    27 June Smithfield HAMmer Fest 2-Man TTT

  2. 12 races in 5.5 weeks. Better be my peak!

  3. Hoping to do 26 may Bryan Park
    31 may I am signed up
    13 June signing up tonite
    20-21 June I will be at least one got to sweet talk the wife to do both
    27 June I'm game, just need a partner

  4. Minus the June 6 th Ride Sally and sporatic Bryan Park, that's what I have planned. Add the rest of the PLT TTs. My Crit goal is to finish respectable at the Amphib Crit. p.s. got any EPO?

  5. I am looking for a partner for the Smithfield TT. Would be interested in either the regular 2-man OR the Merckx option.