Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunday Ride 11/6 (REVISED)

It was brought to my attention by Steve that the start will be at near freezing, but will be 70 by noon. It would really benefit the wounded and my lungs if there is a chance we could start at 11 instead. What do you all think??? Is it possible to gather two hours later? I know how important it is to have a somewhat standard time for departure, but this might be the last chance for the short-sleeve jersey.

"Can we do a 9:00 start from the shop? Up to three hours of "E" with a few sprints in the 1st hour.

I might not last the entire ride, but ready to try."

Post up below!

Best of luck to the Cross Boys!!!


  1. I can make it, so long as there is no rain

  2. Jack & I will be putting a fork in it up in Maryland, "cross is boss"

  3. 11:00 will work for me,after ridding early this morning I can use some warmer temps.