Sunday, November 29, 2009

Great Bunch of Cyclists

What a way to cap off a great Thanksgiving week. Today, I stopped counting at 6 "Car Back" calls. Each and every time, we singled up. For those of you who clog your email with the Va cycling BB posts, you'll remember a few months back all of the ranting about cycling etiqutte regarding everything from not flipping drivers off to singling up when there is a car back. It is a privaledge to ride with such a great bunch of cyclists (I'm stopping before I say something stupid like, "I just love you guys." It is the endorphines talking).

I'm looking forward to a great December of training and torture. The Trade Zone crits are right around the corner.

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  1. That's a nice thing to say. I agree that these are special guys with a common purpose, vision, and direction. Kindness and concern are obvious on rides, which is why they maximize safety. Thanks for saying it and glad you could come out to play!