Friday, November 27, 2009

Sat/Sunday rides 11/27

I have an idea for two rides. Perhaps one of them tickles your fancy. The Sat Team ride is only recommended for those that want to endure a complete pummeling(I'm getting my courage up) and will be a KOM effort.(expect many 1200 watt attacks throughout) If we have enough takers, we will divide up into small teams to work on countering and covering. This ride will leave at 10 from the Shop and will be about 2 hours.

The Sunday ride this week is certainly open to all levels of rider. There is usually a ride that leaves at 9:00, but this week I will not be available until 10:30 and will be 3 hours of Endurance riding and will work on paceline skills and pure fat burn. So there might be two rides to select as options on Sunday. Who is still planning to do the 9:00?

Please post up if you can attend.


  1. I will be there for the Sunday ride at 10:30

  2. Sunday 1030 fer me. No habla 1200 watt attacks after a week of torture capped by Thanksgiving chasing Jack and, 3.5 hrs on Black friday coming home into THAT wind.

  3. I'm in for tomorrow's fun fest. We'll see if I last longer this week. For Sunday, 1030 will work for me. I'm not going to object to riding in warmer temps!

  4. I will be there tomorrow. Jack is comimg too,if I survive, I will be there for the Sunday ride at 10:30