Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whiley Coyote's Training Log

Recovery Week

I haven't fallen off the planet, in case you were wondering. This being a recovery week and all, I've not been posting any workout info. It would be pretty boring... "Oh today I did an hour of endurance" for like 5 days in a row. I will definitely report my test results from Saturday or Sunday (depending upon what my wife wants me to do this weekend). Heh.

Oh, and I've found a happy medium with my workout log. I'm going to keep the three most recent ones here, stacked most recent on top, and then put a link to my Wordpress blog at the bottom in case someone wants to read more. With a Facebook site, my own web site blog, and this, the last thing I need is yet another personal blog to keep up. Maybe I should give up the Internet for Lent. Heh heh.

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  1. Great ride description Jordan. Can you explain the 'L' system you refer to?

  2. Sure, it is really an adaptation on Friel's Zones, but with regard to power. Credit for the system should go to Hunter Allen and Andy Coggan, who use it in their book:
    L1: Active Recovery, < 55% of FTP
    L2: Endurance, 56-75% of FTP
    L3: Tempo, 76-90% of FTP
    L4: Threshold, 91-105% of FTP
    L5: VO2 Max, 106-120% of FTP
    L6: Anaerobic Capacity, > 120% of FTP
    L7: Neuromuscular Power (short maximal efforts under 30 seconds)

    FTP is the power you can sustain for one hour, which is about 95% of the 20-min test.

  3. Thanks...correlates nicely to our parlance.

  4. Hey man, you do realize you can enter your new workouts as 'comments' to your training log thread don't you? As it is we are only able to see your latest workout instead of the running history (see Bill's, Steve's and mine as examples of a 'running' log). Just FYI.

    Beast of a workout, BTW.

  5. Yes, I thought about that, but I didn't like how the most recent comments are at the bottom. It would be nice if each of us could have our own "folder" where we could file each workout as its own post, but I don't know if you can do that with blogspot like you can with Wordpress. So instead, I decided just to post the most recent workout and then "bump" the date to the new date and time, so it would not get buried. I keep my own Wordpress blog at where all my entries are posted.

  6. You can. Go to "My Profile" then create a blog. Under the URL enter something like "WhileyCoyote" then follow the rest of the instructions.

    Click on my pic (Quadzilla), it should take you to my profile, you will see, I have a seperate Blog. If we all do that, then we can use this blog for races and rides.

  7. How did the Ergomo and Powertap compare in terms of power numbers? What kind of crank do you have on it?

  8. Sorry Jordan, I have a lock on "The Old Man". Maybe you could be Col. Tigh. At least you will get more action that way!

  9. Sounds good, the TT bike will have to be nicknamed "Liam", or maybe "Ellen" or "Caprica 6"...