Saturday, February 28, 2009

BWR is Recognized

I wanted to pass on something interesting that happened while in Orlando. At the Magic Kingdom It was 50 and chilly one evening and I had my black BW jacket on. A guys yells out BikeWorks and waves. It seems that this guys had seen our emblem in bike pictures before and recognized it right out(I should have asked him where he was from).

The very next day at Animal Kingdom, a guy asked if BW was racing down here(I had my blue t-shirt on). I said vacation only. Then I asked how he knew BWR and he said he sees our team name in results and in the bikereg a bunch. He is from Raleigh, NC.

So can I guess we are a household name now? Or are these two guys such weenies that they memorize comfirmed rider lists and results?! My wife was shocked both times!


  1. Like legendary and feared military units, BWR is apparently perceived as bigger and badder than life (at least by some weenies out there!). And like the Colonial Forge wrestling program, we now just have to kick some ass to back it up. Or at least look cool.

  2. I was recognized last year wearing my BWR t-shirt. Because we have Green Front Furniture, people from all over (DC, MD, NoVA, NC, etc) come to buy furniture. These folks were from F'burg and recognized the logo. One of my YMCA students has family up in F'burg and has said that he will buy his bike from BikeWorks (I don't know if he has yet or not).