Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FYI: Create your own blogspot

Did you guys know, you can create your own blogspot?

Hit "New Post" then, select the "Settings" tab, the "Publishing" under Blog*spot Address, enter an address, mine is Allaboutbikesworks. Allow autmatic followers and we can go into each others training logs and blogs, enter comments, or whatever. You can set up different backgrounds, add your own slide show,... Bill and Jack are "Followers" on mine.

This might be a more effecient way to enter our workouts and use the Bike Works blog for ride and race coordination.

Just a Renegade thought.


  1. ...on the other hand, its pretty convenient to have everyone's training log right at hand here and not have to fish around on other blogs to read/comment. For me this is the most helpful aspect of the site.