Sunday, February 7, 2010

Twister (hoping the snow stops in Feb)

Friday after work I suited up and rode around a little to test the snow and wound up trying to push a small pickup that was blocking traffic up Cowan. Why do people go out unprepared? At times it must seem crazy to the people in their cars that people brave the elements on a bike, but if worst comes to worst the bike can be thrown on the shoulder and hiked with . . . . . so after doing my good deed for the day I made it home and emailed Bill to see if a snow ride was in order for the weekend. But the power decided to go out . . . . early Saturday morning I rode out to see is anything was open. I had to adjust tire pressure a couple of times, and had to avoid a large downed tree on River Rd, but other than that it was un eventful. Coming in from the cold to the cold was a little rough, but after a few beers I mellowed out and slept like a log. Sunday (this morning) I awoke and swore off all snow riding until I get studded tires or til I meet with Bill or Jinks. Trainer time has never seemed as sweet as it was today . . . . . I rode at a recovery/ E pace, which was just enough to keep the cold at bay until the power came back on . . . . right now I'm looking forward to then Tradezone this weekend . . . . . !

Since the last post I've been working out but have had to switch the workouts around a little. I ended up going out a little during the last snow storm, but it was like riding around in the remains of a slushy . . . . so once back inside I warmed up and did my LT workout. My main focus was staying in the saddle and not changing gears too often. I spent the rest of the day with my feet up trying to recover . . . .

Feb 13th - Rode down to meet Bill for some quality E riding time. All in all it was a good session, but during the couple of leg opening sprints all I could do was pray, grit my teeth and hammer. And even doing all of that I got dropped . . . . After the ride I started to bonk pretty hard, so I hit GNC for some protein drinks. My legs feel pretty congested right now . . . . not sure if that is the right description, but I'm hoping keeping them elevated and a light massage later will have me ready for tomorrow. As long as the TT bikes stay home I should be good . . . .

Feb 14th - I want to write a long detailed description of the ride, but whatever energy I have left is being put towards recovery. I was glad to see everyone come out . . . I'm sure we all will be stronger for it.
I'll try for a description tomorrow . . . . . hopefully the muscle pain and chafing will be better by then . . . !

Feb 18th - Karma seems to have come around and bitten me in the a#$ . . . . This morning I had a great ride, even though the night before was spent eating sushi and keeping my lady friend from getting too loud at the bar. I figured working up a sweat would pump some of the toxins out of my system . . . . it worked so well that after work I rode again and had a slight mechanical - broken shifter cable. After cursing my luck in general I realized I would have to climb the stepp hill on River Rd to get home in the 12 tooth, which at the time didn't sound like fun. When the time came I managed to make it up the hill . . . . but it wasn't pretty. And it is really time for an upgrade to 10 speed shifters on the Lemond . . . changing cassettes back and forth on the powertap is a pain . . . .

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  1. Looking forward to TZ as well. Now all we have to do is find a ride. Jenn's got our car prioritized.