Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jeff’s February LTS

With the snow expected this weekend, I planned to ride in the park today and get in a good Lt ride to help build my confidence, knowing that the next 3-4 days would properly have to be more time on the trainer.
4 x 10 min Lt was the goal and all when very well, i was able to hit my 280 watts arvg. Over the entire work out I only dropped 6 watts, Although the 4 went good I don't believe I had a 5th in me, I cooled down and headed back to my car with a feeling of satisfaction.


  1. Back on the trainer, I mounted up with a goal of 6x6min climbing high end LTS, Everything just fell in place and I realized today was the day to make money!!so I adjusted and added 3 more for a total of 2 1/4 hr with 9 x 6min High end LTS, 6 on 3 off x 3 10 min recovery and repeat two more times.

  2. Sunday dig out hit the core program and get just over 2hrs at endurance. more snow on its way, when this stuff melts I'm up for a 5hr low E!!

  3. Tuesday, was a grueling 1 1/4 hr with 6x6min high end LTs, this work along with the accumulative of the past 3 weeks has took its toll. I only need to push thou Monday and then rest awaits me.

  4. dropping back a notch last night was 5x5min PE2,
    preformed 5 min at 50rpm low tempo and then 5min at 80 rpm high tempo back to 50 rpm no recovery for 5 reps. cool down total time 1 1/4hr

  5. Friday work included core and a 45min recovery ride.

    Saturday I stayed in on the trainer 2hr with 9x6min LTs in the end counting warm up 10 min at tempo and a total 53min at LT, I real good work out.

    Sunday I grabbed my MT bike and headed outside for a 3hr low E, my speed was slow and cautions as I encountered snow and Ice still laying on the roads, I finished up with some core work, I’m now 4ready for some recovery, the last three week of slugging it out on the trainer has tore me down both physically and mentally.