Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Floppin' in February

Dre' helped me drop the front deck of the TT machine to it's lowest poisition so now I am low and ready to go. An hour of recovery riding in the new low position did not reveal any problems, probably because it has been six months since I have been on the TT bike and it is all new again anyway.

So who says you actually have to ride a bike to train? EVERYONE! Off the Front's February SlugFest saw me have my ass handed to me on Dirt Yard Hill. You can hide and ride strategically until it's power time, then it's all about what you got. I had nothing, so I watched Young Gun, OTF, Twister and El Gato? ride off. The ITT work hopefully will pay off. (It was a nasty wind at times though.)

I found this contraption in my basement that has two wheels so I decided to put it on this strange looking rolling pin platform. 5 x 5.5 LT's later I was sweating like an oldie.

Started shoveling at 8:30 finished at 5:00, just enough time to watch the WWE, oh I mean the NFL. Never have seen such blatant game manipulation by the league. Guess I just have to learn it's entertainment not sport anymore.

This is the workout I've been waiting for. A real breakout performance... oh wait a minute that was someone else! For me it was 2 1/2 hours of stacking firewood in preparation for the weekend's storm. Good news is that the stacking required what amounts to weighted step ups so I at least got some leg work in.

Thanks to all for posting encouragement. As I was talking to Bill on the phone, and sharing flushing sound effects, I was also putting on the bibs for a trainer ride. After some sharing of the grievances I just rode E for an hour while watching Caprica and SG Atlantis reruns. It is what it is.

Left early from another stress day at the office determined to workout on the bike. Warm up OK. Ten minute tempo not comfortable but better by the end. Ten minute LT hard, but power picked up by the end with steady cadence. Five minute recovery what's not to like. Start of next ten minute LT and I could not get the power going. It was like my legs turned off and with it my motivation. Reading everyone's blogs about superb training is just making me more depressed as opposed to inspired. Perhaps I need the warm glow of earth's yellow sun to restore my powers?

Home late from work with no motivation to do anything but vegetate. Blahh


  1. I don't think that the weather has anyone too motivaed. Killing yourself on the trainer is no fun, and I know that my threshold intervals on the trainer are never what they would be on the road. If you're like me, you can do the anaerobic intervals (you can do anything for thirty seconds to a minute), but those ten minutes of threshold pain are really hard to get up for while sitting still in the dungeon. Oh, to have the wind rushing by! The bad news is that it looks like another weekend of sitting in the garage...

  2. I agree anonymous. 90% brain torture. I'd drop the zones WAY down and try to just accomplish the time of the workout. I'll bet the numbers will agree when you DO get outside. We've got three more weeks of crappy weather and I have never struggled with this depressive training like this EVER. You are not alone at all here. Think of this winter as competitive brain intervals. The weak-minded riders have given up on fitness this year already. I read their blogs. You are not them!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement MR.A and Off the Front ("OTF"). But did no one get the Superman reference?

  4. +1 on what Bill says, from what I have learned on the power training discussion boards it is not uncommon for FTP indoors to be quite a bit lower than FTP outdoors. And they are indeed mentally challenging because the resistance is so constant and interminable.

    +1 also on Anonymous, while my workouts have gone well the past 2 days, I have literally had to drag myself kicking and screaming into the exercise room to do them. I usually don't feel this much dread, but I am determined to make myself remember when I used to not hate the suffering.

  5. > "I agree anonymous" and "MR.A"

    Sorry, that was me, Dave - an F'burg cyclist/racer wanna be and sometime Bikeworks blog commenter.

  6. I have experienced the same thing this week after a great trainer ride on Sunday where I hit 6 x 6min high end LTS, I was pump up ready for more , but when the time came I started out for 4x10min at low LT and had to pull the plug, determine to get some good work in I fell back on the 6 min, I was able to complete 4 with the power falling fast,Today I plan to take it outside in the park, As you can see from all off the above post you are not alone.